Hair: Cyber Ghost hair by A&Y
Jacket: Tuxedo Jacket by alpha.tribe from [Glider] outfit
Pants: Treva Strap Pants by 4Bidden (at XXX Event )
Boots: Stomp Shoes by FAKEICON
Backdrop: Photobox Abstract 2 Red by Meva (at The Gacha Garden )


Photo by TiddlesWiddles Resident
Hair: Millo by {Letituier} (at Man Cave Event)
Face Tattoo: Narayanan Tattoo by This is Wrong (at Men Only Monthly)
Swim Coverup by 4Bidden (at The Darkness )
Underwear: Latex Fuck Thong by 4Bidden
Sleeves: Robyn Arm Sleeves by NOCHE.
Fan: Sistur Fan by Colivati Boutique (at Equal10)
Leg Harness: Kyle Leg Harness by NOCHE.
Body Tattoo: Fray 15 RARE by This is Wrong (The Gacha Garden)
Shoes: {Kaoru} BLACK getas by [Cubic Cherry] Krea-tions(at Access)