Headwear: Kitty Mask Blackgold by Una (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Collar: Hathor collar Blackgold by Una (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Belt: Hathor Belt by Una(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Shield: Archangel Shield- Phoenix RARE SWaGGa(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Sword: Archanangel Sword- Gld/Blk by SWaGGa(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Arm Bracers from Hathor gacha set by Una(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Tattoo: Deadman by White Widow (at Shiny Shabby )
Pose: Photo-Pose046(M) by Agapee from M005 Photo Pose Set (new)

Never Grow Up


Hair: Electric Soul by Exile
Dust Attachment: Tribue to Peter Pan- Puoi volare Trilly Dust by [AD] Creations
Particles: Night of the Fireflies by Cole’s Corner (at Enchantment )
Outfit: Never Grow Up (including bracelets & boots) by [SWaGGa] (at Enchantment )

November LOTD#1: Fantasy Gacha preview


Hair: Mark by MINA Hair
Back Piece: Choir of Angels- Principalities Halo- ULTRARARE by Souzou Eien ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Collar: Ate – collar hell RARE by !gO! ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Necklaces: Sun God Necklace and Bamboo Necklace by [SWaGGa] (at We ❤ RP preview, coming soon)
Skirt: Ate – skirt hell RARE with Ate – ribbon hell RARE by !gO! ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Tattoo: Chamber by .Reckless.(at Men Only Monthly, ) till Nov 12th)
Pose: Kabuki 7 by PosESioN

Puppy Love




It’s my 400th post! To celebrate, I’ve invited my good buddy and fellow very talented male model as well as Mr. Virtual World winner for 2015 Mr. Caesar Langer to be my blog guest for this very special post, captured with the fantastic photography skills of my SL wife ByrneDarkly Cazalet. What a wonderful 3-way! 😉

Seriously though, I love ROMP, the elegant kink fashion event/fair going on right now until October 16th. I wanted to show off the fetish fashions that my sponsors SWaGGa and AP.PAREL did for this event, so I could pay tribute to the art of the BDSM scene. Puppy play is a type of RP in kink I find a very fun idea. As you can see I’ve been a good pup, so I’m getting a blog anniversary present with that tasty candy bone Caesar has for me. *wags his tail* Thanks Caesar!

Paradox Messmer Style Credits:
Hair: MKT012 by booN
Mask: PupMask by [SWaGGa] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Collar: Pup Play Collar by [SWaGGa] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Cuffs: Pup Play Cuff by [SWaGGa](at ROMP, till October 16th)
Ankles: Pup Play Ankle Blk by [SWaGGa](at ROMP, till October 16th)
Upper Harness: Total Package Harness by [AP.PAREL] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Lower Harness: Total Package Codpiece by [AP.PAREL] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Cape: Monster by PEQE (at We ❤ RP )
Tattoo: Wild by White Widow (free gift at Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary )
Decor: Pet’s Draped Basket Bed Set by Roawenwood (at ROMP )

Caesar Langer Style Credits:
Rings: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – UNISEX Relax RH – black
Necklace: .:E.A. Studio:. – Star Shine Necklaces Man ( Silver )
Ears adornments: .:E.A.Studio:. – Tribal Wings Ear Wrap Silver
Nipple Piercing: >Body Fluid< – Blayde Nipple Piercing (Right)
Harness: Lumiere Apparel – Male Leather Harness No.1
Jacket: :Gabriel- Off shoulder Jacket (only jacket / Black)
Pants: FashionNatic – Elliot Male Pants Boot Version
Belt: FashionNatic – Elliot Belt
Boots: [Gos] – Triumph Boots – Male, Black
Bone: The Bone- Pup by [SWaGGa] ( ROMP , October)

Fireflies Light My Way



Fantasy Gacha Carnival ends this Saturday Sept 12th so hurry on down and win yourself some beautifully designed and creative fantasy fashion prizes, such as the ones I’m wearing here.

And if you haven’t had your fantasy fill from that, head on down to the new round of We ❤ RP it’s open until the end of the month.

Headpiece: Arius Tiara RARE by .aisling (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Sept 12th)
Chest Pieces: {Flare} Chest A and Chest B by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Sept 12th)
Bracelets: {Flare} bracelet by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Sept 12th)
Harness: Male Shibari Harness by Stockholm&Lima (at The Mens Dept, September)
Wings: But I’m a Fairy by SWaGGa( We ❤ RP, September)
Tattoo: Altar by White Widow ( We ❤ RP, September)
Pants: Blaster Foil Leggings by Sn@tch
Lights: Stars Fireflies Lights Path by [E.V.E] Studio ( We ❤ RP, September)

Here There Be Dragons


Headpiece: Cedric Headpiece by Zibska (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, , August)
Collar: Cedric Collar by Zibska(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, August)
Dragons: Dragon Type 2 by SWaGGa (at Genre , August)
Tanktop: Quando Quango Tank by Du Jour (at The Thrift Shop , August)
Pants: Leggings Aztec Print by Izzie’s
Boots: Freaking Boot by SWaGGa (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival , August)
Decor Dragon: Harry Cloud Dragon by Rivendale (at Genre , August)

FGC August Sneak Peek


Helmet: Elven Wood Assassin Mask by SWaGGa (at The Fantasy Collective )
Bracers: Wood Elf Bracer by SWaGGa(at The Fantasy Collective )
Corset: Otoko Raden Corset (part of Otoko Raden outfit) by BareRose
Wings: Isoderia Wings RARE by BlackPearls (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts August 12th)
Pants: Rangers pants by !gO!
Pose by Inertia

Apocalyptic Trooper


Mask: Apoc Trooper v2 by SWaGGa (at The End , July)
Upper Half: Irons Arms by Pucca Firecaster’s Creations (PFC)
Nipple Spikes: Spiked Nipple Pasties by LeForme
Shorts: Kingdom Shorts by SWaGGa
Body: TheMeshProject Deluxe Body (BETA) by ( TheShops )

DJ Dox @ Indie TeePee today 6-8pm SLT!


Today kicks off the opening of a great music, art and shopping festival called Indie TeePee , dedicated to all things indie and alternative in SL.

My club Soundproof is being represented there, alternating between stage 1 and stage 3 depending on the DJ playing, and I’m on stage 1 at 6pm SLT. My set goes from 6-8pm SLT and I hope you’ll join me there to get your ears filled with the best solid gold indie and (some) postpunk tunes in the world. Link here to Stage 1

Hair: Tadao by taketomi
Hat: Hipster Fedora by Remarkable Oblivion (at Indie TeePee )
Eyepatch: Glouton Mask Eyepatch by LANEVO
Scarf: BoHo Rope Scarf by SWaGGa(at Indie TeePee )
Bracelet: BoHo Bracelet by SWaGGa(at Indie TeePee )
Shirt: Color Washed U-Neck Tee 02 by Du Jour
Pants: Roll up denim pants by Gabriel (at The Mens Dept )
Decor: DJ Desk by 22769/bauwerk (at Indie TeePee




Hair: MAGE hair by RONSEM
Earrings: Axed Ear by CerberusXing (at Uber )
Face Tattoo: Wanted by White Widow
Necklace: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , starts July 2nd)
Spine: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , July 2nd)
Coat: Wild Fur Coat- wolf by !gO! (at The Arena July 2nd)
Bracelet: SpinaRing Gold by AKINI (gacha at CreationJP )
Skirt: Esseri Male Skirt by Ama. ( The Fantasy Collective )
Slink Nails: Claw Nails by ( KOSH )