Mask: Nganga Mask by Noble Creations(at We ❤ RP – October)
Necklace: Nganga Necklace by Noble Creations (at We ❤ RP – October)
Staff: Nganga Snake Staff by Noble Creations(at We ❤ RP – October)
Snake: Elemental Snake Type 1 by SWaGGa
Arm Bracers: from “Voodoo” set by Pucca Firecaster Creations
Skirt: from “Voodoo” set by Pucca Firecaster Creations
Tattoo: Bleeding Wound Appliers by TAOX Tattoo
Pose: Aries 1 from Aries set by PosESioN



Helmet: Kurama Samurai Helmet by Noble Creations (at Okinawa Summer Festival ) till August 21st)
Kimono: Ujio Kimono & Hakama by Noble Creations (at Okinawa Summer Festival till August 21st)
Back Accessory/Weapon: Hunter’s Scythe by SWaGGa (at Totally Top Shelf , August round)
Pose: Cain 4 from Cain Set by PosESioN



Hat: Cowboy Hat Modern by SWaGGa (at The Liaison Collaborative )
Eye Wear: Japet Magnifying Glass by AZOURY (at Men Only Monthly )
Bracelet: Alnia Bracelet by AiShA
Top: Osaka Top by E-Clipse Design (at The Mens Dept )
Pants: Osaka Pants by E-Clipse Design (at The Mens Dept )
Tattoo: Equals by White Widow (at Shiny Shabby )
Pose with Dog: Doberman Male Set by Amitie (at Tres Chic)



Hair: Dura-B&G*67 Hair by Dura (at Creators Collection Box )
Top/Armor: Spiked Armor Black RARE by SWaGGa (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Tattoo: Zoom by White Widow (at Shiny Shabby )
Hands: Dragon Halfbreeds Dragonhands Coal by CURELESS(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Dragon: Dragon Familiar ULTRARARE by CURELESS(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Kilt: Short Kilt by SWaGGa(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Decor: Ave Ligno by Air (at Creators Collection Box )

Faun Forest


Hair: Val by KoKoLoReS
Ears: Faun Ears by SWaGGa (at We ❤ RP
Shawl: Hunter’s Shawl by Noble Creations (at Epicene ) ending April 30th)
Tattoo: Charade black RARE By White Widow (at The Epiphany gacha event)
Faun Legs TMP Applier by Gauze
Hooves: Satyr’s Hooves by CerberusXing (at Kustom9 )

Don’t let The Nothing take you


So I don’t normally write up any reviews of my sponsor items on my blog, but I dudes, this rideable snail from SWaGGa that you can get at the March round of We ❤ RP right now is so kickass!

It has super smooth animations when you ride, and it's a wearable/attachable ride so you can ride it anywhere, and best of all, it's based off a creature of Fantasia from the movie The Neverending Story, which is one of my favorite films of all time, one I grew up watching, well, neveredningly. I was totally obsessed with this movie and I still am, it's just so special to me. Sh0rtie aka Mr. "Bilbo Swaggins" you're my hero, man.

Go get yourselves this snail, it comes in many colour variations and have fun racing them with your friends!

Guest Photography by ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Top: The Stranger's Hood by Noble Creations (at The Fantasy Collective )
Bracelets: Mito by justanothershop (at The Fantasy Collective )
Pants: Moda Piped Track Pants by Method (at Men Only Monthly )
Sandals: Peter Sandals by Pure Poison
Snail Mount by SWaGGa (at We ❤ RP )



Hair: The Contortionist by Vanity Hair
Hairbase: No.04 by LANEVO
Veil: The Grid- Futuristic Veil by Bliensen + MaiTai (at Multiverse )
Collar: Medusa Collar by titzuki (at Multiverse )
Shirt: Olympus Tee by titzuki (at Multiverse )
Vest: Olympus Vest titzuki (at Multiverse )
Arms: Mech Arm by SWaGGa (at Multiverse )
Pants: Thermal Shorts by [VALE KOER]
Pose: Out on a Limb by Inertia

Bull Republic

Bull Republic

Hair: Zeo Cyber Hair by A&Y Cyber Bunker
Horns: RedBull’s Horns by Naminoke (at Enchantment )
Outfit: The Republic (TMP only) by [SWaGGa] (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Hand Accessory: Hold Me (TMP) by justanothershop (at We ❤ RP )
Pose: photo-pose034 (M) by Agapee

No Fear

No Fear

Hair: Kazuki hair by Ayashi (at Men Only Monthly )
Mask: Supporter Cup Mask by [SWaGGa]
Underwear: Brief TMP v2 by [SWaGGa] (at Sir Monthly )
Stole: Armin Fear One by Nana
Umbrella: Gentlemens Umbrella by nefarious inventions (at Men Only Monthly )
Gloves: Lex Gloves by Ignition Art (at Men Only Monthly )
Tattoo: Cyberpunk by Prodigy Ink (at Men Only Monthly )
Pose: photo-pose058(M) by Agapee