Androgyne Pride


I consider myself to be genderqueer or an androgyne, because I don’t conform to or subscribe to typical assigned gender roles or ideas about what male gender identity is aka what makes a “real man”. I love to wear makeup, fancy headpieces, women’s hairstyles, nail polish, long skirts and other things that to most people believe are contrary to being “manly”, but I don’t feel that wearing these things makes me any less masculine than I really am inside.

I feel and act masculine, on surface, but I’m androgynous in spirit as I can be sensitive, nurturing (as I am with my pets), empathetic, compassionate all traits that are more associated with women than men. But I don’t think any of these traits are gendered at all, just as with fashion and styling. Let’s break free of these confines and just let creativity be our identity.

Headpiece: Swing Alma Hat Aqua by E.V.E Studio ( We ❤ RP )
Hair: Lioncourt hair by Tableau Vivant ( Collabor88 )
Top Necklace: Gender Identity Necklace- Androgynous by Souzou Eien (at GEN-Neutral )
Bottom Necklace: Ribs Watch Necklace by C L A Vv. (at GEN-Neutral )
Makeup: Eyeshadow Dramatic by MONS
Tattoo: Tesis by White Widow
Pose: Photo-Pose065 from (new) Photo Pose Set M006(dance) by Agapee

November LOTD#1: Fantasy Gacha preview


Hair: Mark by MINA Hair
Back Piece: Choir of Angels- Principalities Halo- ULTRARARE by Souzou Eien ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Collar: Ate – collar hell RARE by !gO! ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Necklaces: Sun God Necklace and Bamboo Necklace by [SWaGGa] (at We ❤ RP preview, coming soon)
Skirt: Ate – skirt hell RARE with Ate – ribbon hell RARE by !gO! ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Tattoo: Chamber by .Reckless.(at Men Only Monthly, ) till Nov 12th)
Pose: Kabuki 7 by PosESioN

Fresh! Inspired Kink


My favorite tasteful take on kink event, Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair , is back this month until the 19th! There’s truly amazing quality stuff to be found here, do not miss this one, whether or not you’re interested in BDSM or D/S, there’s unique and edgy fashion finds for all tastes as well.

Mask: Jagal Masque by C L A Vv (@ Enchantment )
Hat: Black Cowl by AP.PAREL (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Sleeves: Leather Band Sleeves by C L A Vv (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Pants: Black Body Suit by AP.PAREL (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Decor: Industrial Hanging Cages by Souzou Eien (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Cabinet of Curiosities by The Hive (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )

Let’s raise some hell (and $L)!


I’m so freakin’ stoked! Tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 18th) is the start of the Halloweekend at Soundproof, the Halloween Hellraiser for Mental Health America, a charity that helps people suffering with mental illness in the community.

It’s a very important cause in today’s world, so please come out and party with us, 10 Djs will spin Halloweeny tunes from 12pm noon-10pm SLT on Saturday & Sunday both days this weekend. 20 different Djs total! Plus not to mention 16 designer exclusives to help you with your costume ideas, and all for 50% going to the charity. Gachas to play, too, so don’t miss this big spooktacular!

Headless Makeup: A Little Off the Top by ~*Souzou Eien*~ (exclusive for Halloween Hellraiser for MHA)
Snake: Elemental Snake Type 2 (Lower) by SwAGGa
Bracelet: Pentagram Spider Bracelet by Digital Aura (Halloween Hellraiser for MHA exclusive)
Ring: Macabre Rings- Drucilla Spider by [CIRCA] (Gacha available at Halloween Hellraiser for MHA)
Slink Nail Appliers: Claws by KOSH (new release)
Pose: The Man 7 by PosESioN