Photo by ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hair: Thebe by Zibksa
Kimono: Kabukibo-zu by kokorotayori (at Kagami )
Necklace: Rebellisi by Rozoregalia
Bracelet: Arhat Bracelet by CODEX
Tail: Godbird Tail Ou by Naminoke(at Kagami )



Headwear: Cho Headwear by AZOURY (at The Chapter Four )
Makeup: Gaya Makeup by SlackGirl
Claws: Savage Claws & Rings by RealEvil Industries
Tie: Hidden Fish Loop Tie by Naminoke (at Crossroads )
Bracelet: Swear Braided Woven Bracelet by Lapointe & Bastchild (at The Mens Dept )
Kimono: Ryo M by kokorotayori
Parasol: Aerial Screw Parasol by E.V.E Studio



Hair: Laugh by Spellbound
Headpiece: Lost Mind Headdress by PurpleMoon (at Enchantment, August round)
Kimono: Yoshiwaratsunagi by kokorotayori
Fans: Hagoromo Fan Pose Prop by LDG (at Creators Collection Box ) August round
Pose: Fan Pose 2 by LDG (comes with Hagoromo Fan Pose Prop set) (at Creators Collection Box ) August round