Ghost with the Most

Hair: Moses by [INK]
Hat: Modern Witch- Hat by CLAVv. (at Salem event )
Eyepatch: Modern Witch- Eyepatch by CLAVv. (at Salem event )
Bracelet: Devon bracelet by [kunst]
Pants: Around rope pants by [Gild] (at Men Only Monthly )
Rings: Elegance Rings by [kunst]
Bodysuit Applier: Net Unisex Bodysuit 2 in 1- Fishnet by [House of Ruby]
Boots: Amedeo by AZOURY (at Shoetopia )
Decor: Tims Armchair, This is Halloween pumpkins, Twisted Candle Holder, Snakepouf RARE from “A Night with Tim” gacha at 22769/bauwerk (at Gacha Guardians )


Style Card:
Hair: Ogle by [INK]
Earrings and Nose Accessory: Ange Jewelry by AZOURY (at The Chapter Four Hidden Chapter area)
Makeup: Osaka by SlackGirl (at SWANK )
Necklace: Cat’s Tail Whip by Gabriel
Outfit (Applier): Sexy Mechanic by House of Ruby
Tattoo: Brimstone by White Widow (at On9 )

What We Do in the Shadows

Guest Model: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Sprstome by [INK]
Makeup: Alessia Shadow by SlackGirl (at TWE12VE Event )
Earrings: Claw Earrings by CerberusXing
Necklace: Lezato Choker Unisex by Rozoregalia
Bracelet: Tala Bracelet by Le Forme
Shirt: Disturded shirt by [Gild]
Pants: Pants Set White (with optional belt) by [Gild] (at faMESHed May round (5th anniversary))
Decor: Pole Dance Bench by 22769/bauwerk (at ROMP )



Exciting news! The custom kimono that United Colors made for me in my MR SL 2016 National costume challenge as Mr. Japan (I placed 2nd Runner Up in the top 5), will be now available to buy at the new round of Men Only Monthly starting November 20th! This amazing work of original mesh and texturing art is stunning and a must have in your warddrobe collection.

I want to share with you my styling for the challenge, well minus showing the getas I am wearing because I wanted to get a certain shot. I’d also like to share with you my description I wrote for the outfit which was read on voice and in local chat at the finale, if you don’t mind reading, and if not feel free to skip it. 🙂

“Paradox Messmer’s choice of Japan as his national country came from his love of the rich cultural traditions, art, history and fashions of this creative nation, among them is the art of Kabuki theater. Kabuki is a highly stylized classical Japanese dance-drama known for the elaborate make-up and costumes worn by performers. Since the word kabuki is believed to derive from the verb kabuku, meaning “to be out of the ordinary”, kabuki can be interpreted as “avant-garde” or “bizarre” theatre. The three main categories of a full day kabuki play are historical, domestic-period stories,and dance pieces. Paradox wears a forbidding chained black war fan across his back enhancing his chonmage traditional hairstyle from the Edo period. The lavish full length gold kimono inspired by Kabuki legend Bando Tamasburo depicts rising waves, fierce dragons and bold geometric designs. His thick white makeup called oshiroi is applied under the character hero mask coloured with bold yellow representing courage and nobility. He holds a traditional fan in his hand, adorned with kanji inscribed rings, and on his feet he wears dramatic platform getas.”

Style Credits:
Hair: Chonmage (Samurai Haircut) by Bakasu
Skin: Nuuna’s Skins B&W White Male by Nuuna
Mask: Mask Kabuki by T-3D Creations (modified by me)
Back Accessory: War Fans Ultra Rare by BlackPearls (gacha item)
Outfit: KimonoTwo by United Colors (at Men Only Monthly, Nov 20th)
Rings: Kanji Ring MAKOTO and Kanji RIng ZEN by [INK] (gacha item)
Shoes (not pictured): Grungy Geta by CerberusXing
Pose: Kabuki 7 from Kabuki Set by PosESioN

Summer is Fresh to Death




Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hair: WIND by [INK] (at The Mens Dept )
Necklace: Maria Necklace by Gabriel
Bracelet; Simple Wide Bracelet- Croc Skin Low Shine Original Mesh by Digital Aura (Menstuff Hunt 2015 item, find in store)
Tank Top: Dennis Tank Top by GizzA (new)
Pants: Dennis Rolled Pants by GizzA (new)
Shoes: Jesus for Slink by Just Design(at The Mens Dept )
Backpack: Scarved Fringe Bag White by C L A Vv (at The Mens Dept )
Poses by Le Poppycock



Hair: SPRSTOME by [INK] (at The Mens Dept , April)
Makeup: GOta Facepaint by .ARISE. (at The Arena )
Facial Piercing: Gota Horns by .ARISE. (at The Arena )
Jewelry Collar: Secret Collar by ( AZOURY )
Clothing Collar: Nomad Collar by !gO! (at The Arena )
Shirt: Tank by PEQE (at The Arena )
Kilt: Nomad Kilt by !gO! (at The Arena )
Bracelets: Jungle Beads Teal by LUXE. (at Kustom9 )
Arm & Leg Wraps by CerberusXIng (at The Arena )
Sandals: Peter Sandals by Pure Poison
SLink Nails: Monochrome Set by Nailed It! (at On9 )

MOM is back again




Men Only Monthly , April round begins tomorrow, Monday April 20th! It’s so great that finally after The Mens Dept there are other men’s oriented regularly occurring fashion sales events around now, such as this one, MOM for short. And some things are unisex or have female versions with them too, so bring your girlfriends for a fun shopping experience.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hair: SKEW by [INK]
Ears: Steking ver4 by MANDALA
Necklace: Composite necklace by [Pumpkin]( Men Only Monthly , April)
Jacket: Roy Mesh Leather Jacket by sharp by [ZD] ( Men Only Monthly , April)
Pants: Unisex Skinny Pants Pink Plaid by United Colors ( Men Only Monthly , April)
Shoes: Sneaker Sandals (for SLink) by United Colors ( Men Only Monthly , April)
Decor: Mining Chair, Field Dinnerware, Pallet Bench, Pallet and Sack Cubechair, Tin Cans (from Survivors Living set by 22769/bauwerk at The End event)

Shoetopia & the Men’s Dept

After the grid has suffered under the weight of the heavy anticipation of shopping addicts everywhere, Shoetopia is finally here! If you can manage to squeeze into one or the other of the 2 sims, you will find many great styles for women and sadly only a handful for guys but the ones that are there for us guys are pretty good and worth the TP vigilance, like these very unique dual-tone kicks from SyS! Rockin’!

I’ll be showing more of the Shoetopia men’s goods in coming posts, and don’t forget to check out the current round of Men’s Dept which is positively brimming with pure WIN this time.

Style Credits:
Hair: MOAT by [INK] (at the Men’s Dept, November round)
Necklace: Brass nuckle necklace by Pekka (at the Men’s Dept)
Blazer and shirt: Spring WC Blazer (Brimstone colour) by JLB Apparel (having its closing sale now, hurry)
Pants: Nomade by SyS
Shoes: RIFT sneakers by SyS (for Shoetopia Fair 2013)
Bracelets: Utamaro by MANDALA
Mesh Hands: Male Relax by SLink
Pose by Morphine