Rogue One


Hair: Knot Hawk by lock&tuft
Ears: Steaking Ears Season5 by MANDALA
Eye Patch: Patch Mechanics 3.4 by .Shi (from gacha machine)
Top: Nordic Cape by Noble Creations
Bracers: Street Samurai Bracer by Anachron
Pants: Ranger Pants by !gO!
Tattoo: Sacred Tattoo by DAPPA
Pose: Lambert 10 from Lambert Set by PosESioN (at Men Only Monthly )



Hat: Wire Hat by Kikas Babenco (was part of an Art in Hats exhibit, no longer for sale)
Hair: Spudly by Lock&Tuft (at Men Only Monthly- open November 20th)
Chest Bandage by Tabou Irresistible (at Enchantment- November)
Belt: “Of Snails and Shells’ by alpha.tribe
Upper & Lower Leg Accessory: “Of Snails and Shells” by alpha.tribe
Pants: Rhimdr pants 3 by !gO! (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival- November)
Pose: Poseidon 2 from Poseidon Set by PosESioN




Hat: Hat3 by Cica Ghost ( Art in Hats 2015 )
Mouth Piece & Necklace: Vangelis by AZOURY (at GEN-Neutral , November)
Bracelets: Tudor Bangle by Meva ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Vest: Scottish Underground Vest by Yasum Design( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Pants: Simiel pants long hell RARE by !gO!( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Belt: Simiel sash hell RARE by !gO!( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Poses: 1st Photo: Mind the Gap by Inertia (at GEN-Neutral , November)
2nd Photo: Kabuki 5 (new pose set “Kabuki” custom poses done for me Mr Japan in MR SL pageant) by PosESioN
Build: Apprentice Prefab by Cinphul ( 6 Republic )

November LOTD#1: Fantasy Gacha preview


Hair: Mark by MINA Hair
Back Piece: Choir of Angels- Principalities Halo- ULTRARARE by Souzou Eien ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Collar: Ate – collar hell RARE by !gO! ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Necklaces: Sun God Necklace and Bamboo Necklace by [SWaGGa] (at We ❤ RP preview, coming soon)
Skirt: Ate – skirt hell RARE with Ate – ribbon hell RARE by !gO! ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opens November 7th)
Tattoo: Chamber by .Reckless.(at Men Only Monthly, ) till Nov 12th)
Pose: Kabuki 7 by PosESioN

Ethereal Whorl


Hair & Headpiece: Whorl V2 RARE Void by The Stringer Mausoleum (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Shoulder Accessory: Ethereal Neck Corset Black Pack ULTRARARE by ALEGRIA(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Shirt: Floki chemise by !gO! (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Belt: Gunnvar Belt RARE by [LAB737] (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Pants: Floki pants by !gO!(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )

FGC August Sneak Peek


Helmet: Elven Wood Assassin Mask by SWaGGa (at The Fantasy Collective )
Bracers: Wood Elf Bracer by SWaGGa(at The Fantasy Collective )
Corset: Otoko Raden Corset (part of Otoko Raden outfit) by BareRose
Wings: Isoderia Wings RARE by BlackPearls (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts August 12th)
Pants: Rangers pants by !gO!
Pose by Inertia

Kazahk Forest


Headwear: Kazakh Forest by *LODE* Headwear (at The Fantasy Collective )
Hair: Verbena by Mithral
Vest:: Drow Boy !gO!
Bracers: Drow Boy by !gO!
Tattoo: Tombstone for Men by White Widow (at anyBODY- for applier layers )
Pose: Rumplestiltskin 3 by PosESioN