Royal Desolation

Crown: Cyber Crown Type 2 by A&Y Cyber Bunker
Mask: Caesar Helmet by AZOURY (at Blush )
Collar: Elizabethan Collar by Spartin Parx
Arm Harnesses by Glam Affair
Pants: Comox Pants by SyS

The Dark Stage


Style Credits:
Headwear: Hill Headwear by AZOURY (at The Crossroads )
Body Chains by Gabriel (at Memento Mori )
Pants: Tuxede Pants by [Gild] (at Men Only Monthly)
Pose: Rage Machine by Bauhaus Movement
Tattoo: Jaluit Chief by Letis Tattoo
Pose Box: Dark Stage (rare) by Glam Affair + Tableau Vivant (at The Fantasy Collective: Lootbox round)