Dead Man’s Party


Halloween is on us, breathing down our necks, ready to tear into our hearts, and this morbid man couldn’t be any happier!
Halloween is my favorite holiday and time of year, when the dead return to roam amongst us and we can dance by the bonfires with the spirits of the night. This post honors this special occasion, as well as honors Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) coming up on November 1st-2nd.

I can’t go without mentioning there will be an amazing annual celebration for Day of the Dead on November 1st all day and all night thrown by the good people at The Rubb alternative music club. There will be many DJs in 3 unique custom builds modeled after Purgatory, Hell and Heaven starting at 5am and ending at 11pm SLT.

I’ll be Djing in HELL muahahaa at 5pm SLT, with my partner ByrneDarkly right before me at 4pm. Grab this LM here and hope to see you there!

Hair: Grappa Cellini by LoQ (discontinued hair)
Hair Accessory: Valentinegoth hair- Skeleton (comes with the Valentine Goth Hair but hair not worn in this styling) by [AD] Creations
Makeup: Lost Souls by Nuuna
Vest: Calavera Mens Denim Vest by (BYRNE) (hunt prize at Firestorm’s Spooky Nights Hunt on October 31st)
Tattoo: Vertigo by White Widow (gacha at Wayward Halloween )
Gloves: Xray Gloves by *Aphrodisiac*
Leggings: Asa Leggings by !Lybra! ( GEN-Neutral
Feet Accessory: Talon Nails by “[CerberusXing]
Wearable Horse: LaCatrina – SugarSkull Horse **RARE** by DeviousMind ( TAG! Gacha )
Zombie Heads by 22769/bauwerk (part of “Abandoned Asylum” gacha machine in TAG! Gacha )

October LOTD #8: I Want My Mummy!


Hat: Papus Headwear by AZOURY ( SaNaRae )
Makeup: Papillion Makeup- voodoo skull face by Nomine
Shirt: Andrea by !Lybra! ( GEN-Neutral, October)
Tattoo: Southpaw Black RARE by White Widow ( The Epiphany gacha event)
Pants Applier for Slink Physique: Mummypants by Ama ( GEN-Neutral, October)
Bracelets: Wrist Ribbons White by Caboodle ( The Fantasy Collective, trick or treat gift)
Slink Nails: Eye Envy from “Happy Haunts” Nails Gacha at Freak Show gacha event
Decor: Bloody Gears by E.V.E Studio ( The Fantasy Collective )
Pose: Carlos 2 by PosESioN

Dark Mahadeva (TAG! Gacha preview)


Hair: Knot [faux dreads] by Tableau Vivant
Body Armor: Pitboy Armor (Chrome) with Bracers (bracers sold separately) by titzuki
Back Piece: Dark Mahadeva // Skeleton 8 Cobras Dark by C L A Vv. (at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)
Many Dark Mahadeva // Arms Attachment: 4 Hands [SHIVA] RARE by C L A Vv.(at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)
Headpiece: Headdress RARE by C L A Vv. (at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)
Necklace:Dark Mahadeva // Sacred Necklace B by C L A Vv. (at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)
Bracelets: Dark Mahadeva //Dark Mahadeva Bangles by C L A Vv. (at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)
Staff: Dark Mahadeva // Staff Dark by C L A Vv. (at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)
Leg Piece: Dark Mahadeva // Skeleton Cobra Leg Dark by C L A Vv.
(at TAG! Gacha , open October 17th)



Helmet: Yakov by AZOURY (at We ❤ RP )
Lipstick: Ariel by Essences ( Kustom9, September)
Shirt: Onomik by C L A Vv. ( GEN-Neutral )
Necklace: Unleashed Necklace by RealEvil Industries (at Men Only Monthly, September 20th)
Bracelet: Barrow Bracelet Black Ors RARE by MINIMAL (gacha at Men Only Monthly, September 20th)
Pants: Rival 4 Male Pants by VRSION ( The Mens Dept, September)
Pose: 15 of fame by Inertia ( GEN-Neutral )

Tower to Asgard


Hair: Editorial- Southern Wind by Tableau Vivant (at The Arcade, September)
Eye Makeup: Forsaken Eyes by no.7 (at On9 )
Lipstick: Forsaken Mouth by no.7 (at On9 )
Headpiece: Asgard Wings Headpiece by [E.V.E] (at The Secret Affair, September)
Wings: Asgard Wings (Glow version) by [E.V.E] (at The Secret Affair, September)
Bracelets: Tilting at Windmills by Chop Zuey
Outfit: Slit Tee by titzuki (at GEN-Neutral )
Decor: Tower of Light by 22769/bauwerk (at We ❤ RP, September)
Pose by Inertia (at GEN-Neutral )