Dawn of the Dragon


Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls*56 by Dura (new)
Mask: Dragon Mask ULTRARARE by ALEGRIA (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival , runs till 12th)
Horns: Dragon Horn by ALEGRIA (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival , runs till 12th)
Mantle: Journey Mantle Silver RARE by >glYph< (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival , runs till 12th)
Tattoo: Ladykillers by White Widow
Face Tattoo: Anemone by White Widow
Bracers: Esedra Bracers by Miamai (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival , runs till 12th)
Pants: Drow Boy by !gO! (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival , runs till 12th)
Poses from Carlos set (new) by PosESioN (a Men Only Monthly )




I don’t write on my blog that often, but I do when there’s something really incredible to report about. That thing, is this amazing interactive game based on Japanese traditional horror and spirit mythology, going on right now in SL called KAGAMI Horror event ). Be sure to grab the HUD, and go on an unforgettable interactive gaming and storytelling experience that will chill you to the bone.

There’s also a little mall area, where you can get some amazing Japanese made goods, I just couldn’t resist showing some of them off here. Also check out Totally Top Shelf (type 4 pictured above) for super badass and realistic mesh snakes by SwaGGa, they make an awesome photo prop or accessory!

Hair: Hair Feather Black by KU/Air collaboration (KAGAMI Horror event )
Horns: Koto Horns by Air (KAGAMI Horror event)
Kimono: Jinbei Black/Ebony by Silvery K (KAGAMI event)
Face Tattoo: Mikado by White Widow
Necklace: Snake Charmer by -FAUN-
Bracelets Snake Charmer by -FAUN-
Snake: Elemental Snake Type 4 by SWaGGa (Totally Top Shelf, August)
Tongue: Snake tongue by DownDownDown ( KAGAMI Horror event )
Sandals: Sasu Geta M by [CerberusXing] (KAGAMI Horror event )
Slink Nails: Claw Art Couture by ChicZafari
Pose by Del May