Headwear: Agushaya Headwear by AZOURY (at We ❤ RP )
Neck Accessory; Neck Belt by Gabriel(at We ❤ RP )
Gloves: Metallic Nail Gloves by Gabriel(at We ❤ RP )
Skirt: Acolyte Skirt by >glYph<(at We ❤ RP )
Back Accessory: Shark Cyber Scythe by A&Y Cyber Bunker
Pose: Kabuki 9 from Kabuki Set by PosESioN

Arctic Viking


Helmet: Viking Helmet by Yasum Design (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, February 2016)
Coat: Arctic Coat by Yasum Design (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, February 2016)
Wings: Junkyard Devil Wings RARE by ContraptioN (gacha machine at mainstore)
Pants: Jason Pants by DIRAM 50% off sale right now)
Pose: Nomad Heart by Le Poppycock

Fantasy Gacha ends tomorrow


The November round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival ends tomorrow, Dec 6th and it’s been really an outstanding one, don’t forget to go if you haven’t already.

I’ve done so many posts for it, and it’s always sad to me this will be the last one until the next round opens a couple of months from now. It’s the best event to blog for, because of all the creativity these gacha items bring into my styling. It’s always easy to get inspired when doing fantasy fashion. Thanks to the participating creators for their wonderful work!

Hair: Equinox Hair Pearl RARE by [LAB737] ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Dec 6th)
Necklace: Tube necklace by Gabriel ( Men Only Monthly, till Dec 12th)
Wings: Skye Wings Silver (gacha item, 35L per play) by Du Jour
Bracelets: Zipper Bracelet by NOMAD ( Men Only Monthly, till Dec 12th)
Pants: Half pants with leggings by Gabriel ( Men Only Monthly, till Dec 12th)
Tattoo: Disclosure by White Widow ( We ❤ RP, December)
Decor: Golden Altar by Noble Creations
Pose: Warrior 2 from Warrior Set (new) by PosESioN

FGC August Sneak Peek


Helmet: Elven Wood Assassin Mask by SWaGGa (at The Fantasy Collective )
Bracers: Wood Elf Bracer by SWaGGa(at The Fantasy Collective )
Corset: Otoko Raden Corset (part of Otoko Raden outfit) by BareRose
Wings: Isoderia Wings RARE by BlackPearls (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts August 12th)
Pants: Rangers pants by !gO!
Pose by Inertia

Kazahk Forest


Headwear: Kazakh Forest by *LODE* Headwear (at The Fantasy Collective )
Hair: Verbena by Mithral
Vest:: Drow Boy !gO!
Bracers: Drow Boy by !gO!
Tattoo: Tombstone for Men by White Widow (at anyBODY- for applier layers )
Pose: Rumplestiltskin 3 by PosESioN




Hair: MAGE hair by RONSEM
Earrings: Axed Ear by CerberusXing (at Uber )
Face Tattoo: Wanted by White Widow
Necklace: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , starts July 2nd)
Spine: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , July 2nd)
Coat: Wild Fur Coat- wolf by !gO! (at The Arena July 2nd)
Bracelet: SpinaRing Gold by AKINI (gacha at CreationJP )
Skirt: Esseri Male Skirt by Ama. ( The Fantasy Collective )
Slink Nails: Claw Nails by ( KOSH )




Style Credits:
Hair: Pathfinder by Tableau Vivant ( Mystic Realms Faire exclusive)
Outfit: Arcane Finery (Soot) by ImmateriA (new release)
Mask: Druantia by Bliensen + MaiTai (available at Mystic Realms Faire)
Bracelets: Fenrir by Bliensen + MaiTai
Shoes: Dress Shoes Black Ribbon by Gabriel (The Mens Dept, October)
Chair: The King Black/Silver RARE by 22769/bauwerk ( The Gathering , gacha exclusive)