Androgyne Pride


I consider myself to be genderqueer or an androgyne, because I don’t conform to or subscribe to typical assigned gender roles or ideas about what male gender identity is aka what makes a “real man”. I love to wear makeup, fancy headpieces, women’s hairstyles, nail polish, long skirts and other things that to most people believe are contrary to being “manly”, but I don’t feel that wearing these things makes me any less masculine than I really am inside.

I feel and act masculine, on surface, but I’m androgynous in spirit as I can be sensitive, nurturing (as I am with my pets), empathetic, compassionate all traits that are more associated with women than men. But I don’t think any of these traits are gendered at all, just as with fashion and styling. Let’s break free of these confines and just let creativity be our identity.

Headpiece: Swing Alma Hat Aqua by E.V.E Studio ( We ❤ RP )
Hair: Lioncourt hair by Tableau Vivant ( Collabor88 )
Top Necklace: Gender Identity Necklace- Androgynous by Souzou Eien (at GEN-Neutral )
Bottom Necklace: Ribs Watch Necklace by C L A Vv. (at GEN-Neutral )
Makeup: Eyeshadow Dramatic by MONS
Tattoo: Tesis by White Widow
Pose: Photo-Pose065 from (new) Photo Pose Set M006(dance) by Agapee

Tower to Asgard


Hair: Editorial- Southern Wind by Tableau Vivant (at The Arcade, September)
Eye Makeup: Forsaken Eyes by no.7 (at On9 )
Lipstick: Forsaken Mouth by no.7 (at On9 )
Headpiece: Asgard Wings Headpiece by [E.V.E] (at The Secret Affair, September)
Wings: Asgard Wings (Glow version) by [E.V.E] (at The Secret Affair, September)
Bracelets: Tilting at Windmills by Chop Zuey
Outfit: Slit Tee by titzuki (at GEN-Neutral )
Decor: Tower of Light by 22769/bauwerk (at We ❤ RP, September)
Pose by Inertia (at GEN-Neutral )

Fireflies Light My Way



Fantasy Gacha Carnival ends this Saturday Sept 12th so hurry on down and win yourself some beautifully designed and creative fantasy fashion prizes, such as the ones I’m wearing here.

And if you haven’t had your fantasy fill from that, head on down to the new round of We ❤ RP it’s open until the end of the month.

Headpiece: Arius Tiara RARE by .aisling (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Sept 12th)
Chest Pieces: {Flare} Chest A and Chest B by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Sept 12th)
Bracelets: {Flare} bracelet by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, ends Sept 12th)
Harness: Male Shibari Harness by Stockholm&Lima (at The Mens Dept, September)
Wings: But I’m a Fairy by SWaGGa( We ❤ RP, September)
Tattoo: Altar by White Widow ( We ❤ RP, September)
Pants: Blaster Foil Leggings by Sn@tch
Lights: Stars Fireflies Lights Path by [E.V.E] Studio ( We ❤ RP, September)