Hair: MAGE hair by RONSEM
Earrings: Axed Ear by CerberusXing (at Uber )
Face Tattoo: Wanted by White Widow
Necklace: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , starts July 2nd)
Spine: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , July 2nd)
Coat: Wild Fur Coat- wolf by !gO! (at The Arena July 2nd)
Bracelet: SpinaRing Gold by AKINI (gacha at CreationJP )
Skirt: Esseri Male Skirt by Ama. ( The Fantasy Collective )
Slink Nails: Claw Nails by ( KOSH )

Helm of Awe



Style Card:
Hair: Henrik by Uncleweb (@ Creation JP )
Hairbase: Propelled by KMADD
Ears: Steking ver4 by MANDALA
Makeup: Whimsical Designs- Queen Day & Night (@ Month of Games fair)
Vest: Leather vest by Gabriel (@ The Mens Dept , July)
Pants: Justin Pants- Leather by DIRAM (50% mesh sale right now)
Bracelet: Leather Bracelet by Gabriel (@ The Mens Dept , July)
Necklace: El Dorado Necklace by Eudora 3D ( The Mens Dept , July)
Boots: RoBoots by AKEYO ( The Mens Dept , July)
Background Decor: Helm of Awe by Collage ( The Fantasy Collective , current Vikings themed round ends soon)