Le Lapin


ROMP elegant kink event is still going until January 21st. Be sure to stop by because the fashions are exquisite and the interactive kinky decor is all excellently crafted and are must haves for your dungeons and play rooms.

Headpiece: Le Lapin by Tracei
Top: Hooded Harness by [AP.PAREL] (at ROMP , ends January 21st)
Necklace: SLAVE by NO!Project (at ROMP , ends January 21st)
Pants: Harness Leather Pants by Lapointe & Bastchild
Tattoo: Legend by White Widow (at The Epiphany )
Decor by Artisan Fantasy (at ROMP , ends January 21st)

Puppy Love




It’s my 400th post! To celebrate, I’ve invited my good buddy and fellow very talented male model as well as Mr. Virtual World winner for 2015 Mr. Caesar Langer to be my blog guest for this very special post, captured with the fantastic photography skills of my SL wife ByrneDarkly Cazalet. What a wonderful 3-way! 😉

Seriously though, I love ROMP, the elegant kink fashion event/fair going on right now until October 16th. I wanted to show off the fetish fashions that my sponsors SWaGGa and AP.PAREL did for this event, so I could pay tribute to the art of the BDSM scene. Puppy play is a type of RP in kink I find a very fun idea. As you can see I’ve been a good pup, so I’m getting a blog anniversary present with that tasty candy bone Caesar has for me. *wags his tail* Thanks Caesar!

Paradox Messmer Style Credits:
Hair: MKT012 by booN
Mask: PupMask by [SWaGGa] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Collar: Pup Play Collar by [SWaGGa] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Cuffs: Pup Play Cuff by [SWaGGa](at ROMP, till October 16th)
Ankles: Pup Play Ankle Blk by [SWaGGa](at ROMP, till October 16th)
Upper Harness: Total Package Harness by [AP.PAREL] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Lower Harness: Total Package Codpiece by [AP.PAREL] (at ROMP, till October 16th)
Cape: Monster by PEQE (at We ❤ RP )
Tattoo: Wild by White Widow (free gift at Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary )
Decor: Pet’s Draped Basket Bed Set by Roawenwood (at ROMP )

Caesar Langer Style Credits:
Rings: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – UNISEX Relax RH – black
Necklace: .:E.A. Studio:. – Star Shine Necklaces Man ( Silver )
Ears adornments: .:E.A.Studio:. – Tribal Wings Ear Wrap Silver
Nipple Piercing: >Body Fluid< – Blayde Nipple Piercing (Right)
Harness: Lumiere Apparel – Male Leather Harness No.1
Jacket: :Gabriel- Off shoulder Jacket (only jacket / Black)
Pants: FashionNatic – Elliot Male Pants Boot Version
Belt: FashionNatic – Elliot Belt
Boots: [Gos] – Triumph Boots – Male, Black
Bone: The Bone- Pup by [SWaGGa] ( ROMP , October)



Style Credits

Paradox Messmer:
Mask/Helmet: Black Cowl by AP.PAREL (for ROMP , going till July 17th)
Jacket: Commander’s Jacket by AP.PAREL (for ROMP , going till July 17th)
Pants: Outre Leather Pants by .Shi
Pose: A Sensual Touch by RACK Poses
Prop: BumPaddle by BOOM

ByrneDarkly Cazalet:
Tiara: Iron Maiden Tiara by aisling
Gag: Animal Gag by Hopscotch (for ROMP , till July 17th)
Collar: Pet Collar by AMA (for ROMP , till July 17th)
Collar: Jafar Collar by PEQE (for ROMP , till July 17th)
Harness: Jafar Harness by PEQE (for ROMP , till July 17th)
Bracelet: Cuffed by C L A Vv. (for ROMP , till July 17th)
Bodysuit: Strapped Bodysuit by Luxuria (for ROMP , till July 17th)
Shoes: MasochHeels by Le Primitif ( The Dressing Room Fusion-July )
Bed: Saxton Bed by Jian (for ROMP , going till July 17th)

Jaluit Chief


Hair: Paul by [bade] (at The Boys of Summer )
Necklace: Ylwe necklace by Machoire
Tattoo: Jaluit Chief by Letis Tattoo (at The Boys of Summer )
Blindfold: BLINDR RUBBER by [AP.PAREL] (item for ROMP)
Ears: Steking ver2 by MANDALA
Pants: Kurt Cargo Pants Zebra Grey by Legal Insanity
Watch: Oliver watch by Elysium (at The Boys of Summer )
Ring: Lady Black Ring by LUXE.
SLink Nails: Rock Set by Nailed It!

Soul Thief


The current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival will sadly be over tomorrow, and what a great round it’s been! I had the best time styling and blogging gacha treasures from it, as always, and here’s one last LOTD using inspiring Fantasy Gacha goodies you can get until midnight SLT tonight (Saturday, Feb 28th).

Style Credits:
Hat: Jester Horns Goth by Yasum Design (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Mask: Soul Thief- Simple Essence RARE by Muneria (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Mouthpiece: Soul Thief- Simple Essence (Mouth) RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Outfit: Coop’s Sash by [AP.PAREL]
Bracelet: LUCK Bracelet by MANDALA
Necklace: Double Cross Necklace by C L A Vv ( Kustom9 , February)
Pose Vitaly11 by Diesel Works (this weekend all pose packs 50% sale)

Fresh! Inspired Kink


My favorite tasteful take on kink event, Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair , is back this month until the 19th! There’s truly amazing quality stuff to be found here, do not miss this one, whether or not you’re interested in BDSM or D/S, there’s unique and edgy fashion finds for all tastes as well.

Mask: Jagal Masque by C L A Vv (@ Enchantment )
Hat: Black Cowl by AP.PAREL (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Sleeves: Leather Band Sleeves by C L A Vv (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Pants: Black Body Suit by AP.PAREL (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Decor: Industrial Hanging Cages by Souzou Eien (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )
Cabinet of Curiosities by The Hive (@ Fresh! Inspired Kink Fair )