Winter Rain


Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*62 by Dura
Ears: Steking Ears Season5 by MANDALA
Jacket: Jared Jacket by Ignition Art ( Men Only Monthly , till Dec 15th)
Bracelet: Lustful bracelet by MANDALA
Pants: Wool Pants by Gabriel (gacha at The Mens Dept )
Shoes: Metal line shoes with socks by Gabriel(gacha at The Mens Dept )
Decor: Glass ornament. pod 10Li (RAIN) RARE by {anc} (at Tannenbaum Holiday Market )

Future Fantasy



Style Credits:
Hair: Carlo by BURLEY
Mask: Royalty Kingdom Ravenne Mask- Dove RARE by Pink Acid (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Necklace: Dragon Scale Necklace by CerberusXing ( Kustom9, Feb )
Bracelet: Dragon Scale Bracelet by CerberusXing ( Kustom9, Feb )
jacket: Erynor Rogue by PEQE (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Wings: Eli Wing- Spread by SWaGGa (The Fantasy Collective )
Pants: Rival 6.0 by VRSION ( Futurewave exclusive)
Decor: USB2 Tree by 22769/bauwerk ( Futurewave exclusive) and Mannequin Snow White RARE by {anc} E (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )

Hark the Herald Angels Sing



Merry Christmas, happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Spread the spirit of giving and the love of friends and family all around and be thankful for what you have, and let’s head into the new year with a fresh perspective and enlightenment.

Style Credits (with event links):
Hair: Nothing Else Matters by Exile
Crown: Holiday Spirit- Crown RARE by Remarkable Oblivion ( The Arcade , December)
Mask: Holiday Spirit- Father Time RARE by Remarkable Oblivion ( The Arcade , December)
Outfit: Crixus by SWaGGa ( We ❤ Roleplay , December)
Wings: Wings of Cotton Snow by ALEGRIA ( Midwinter Fair exclusive)
Boots: Vaniel by Just Designs ( We ❤ Roleplay , December)
Decor: NOEL Tears Tree RARE, Hoofs Ladder Chairs (milk and cocoa), frilled furrug cocoa all by {anc} Ltd. for The Liaison Collaborative gacha
Pose “Bedmas” by Le Poppycock (from Studious Set)