Bear King



Style Credits:
Coat: Leopard Bear King Coat by BvddyX ( Kustom9 exclusive)
Glasses: Punk Sunglasses by Meva ( Cosmopolitan )
Necklace: Double Cross Necklace by C L A Vv ( Kustom9 )
Pants: Double Layered Capri Pants by LoLa ( “Cosmopolitan )
Sneakers Palmetto Hi-Top Sneakers by Adjunct (new)
Pose Prop: TelephoneBox by Alchemist Cosmopolitan

Cool Runnings


Style Credits:
Hair: Dura-Boy*58 by Dura (new release)
Ears: Steking Ver3 by MANDALA
Shirt: Vintage Jersey Sweatshirt by Wonton ( Kustom9 , Feb)
Jeans: Ambra baggy jeans unisex by SPIRIT ( The Mens Dept , Feb)
Shoes: New Reality Running Shoes by Adjunct (for Men Only Monthly , February)
Decor: Arden Chair and Arden Fan by Apt B (for Cosmopolitan , round 2 February)

Men Only Monthly preview!


My previous post was my 300th post on my fashion blog! I’ve been sharing my crazy fashion antics and style experiments since June 2012, it’s hard to believe I’ve been at it that long.

I was hoping to do something special for my last post but I got too busy, but I just thought I’d mention it and say that I’ve had a wonderful experience blogging for so many top designers and fashion events, and thank you to all my readers, followers and supporters as well as my sponsors. You are what I do this for.

And now I get to blog for another new monthly fashion event, called
Men Only Monthly , starting tomorrow, January 20th! I’m super stoked that there’s finally more sales just for us guys. Check out this preview of some of the goods you can get, and keep tuned for more!

Hat: Raw Edge Caruki Beanie by REPRESENT ( Men Only Monthly exclusive, starts Jan 20th)
Ears: Steking Ver2 by MANDALA
Jacket: Voyager Jacket by [dynasty] ( Men Only Monthly exclusive)
Jeans: Architect Jeans by DAPPA ( Men Only Monthly exclusive)
Boots: Russian Winter Boots ( Men Only Monthly )
Hand Accessory: Uppercut by AZOURY ( Men Only Monthly )
Decor: Vintage Fairground Street Organ by bauwerk/22769 (@ the Challenge event
Pose by Dyer Maker from Random Male set




Style Credits (with links):
Hair: Otto by Tableau Vivant ( The Mens Dept , January)
Glasses: Jack Readers by Adjunct (Men Only Hunt 5 item)
Shirt: Yves Shirt by David Heather The Mens Dept , January
Pants: Yves Pants by David Heather The Mens Dept , January
Shoes: Charles for Slink feet (new deluxe update, has studs on the back and bottom sole) by ILLI
Decor: Agathes Dreamy Armchair by 22769/bauwerk