My Wonderful Sponsors! Thank you all. I only blog for those designers I think consistently produce top quality creations and whose stores I normally shop at. Below are some of the best of the best. Note: I’m working on re-acquiring all my sponsor logos again, after I lost them in a harddrive crash.

Official Blogger for:
Gabriel, AZOURY, Gild, SlackGirl, Dura, Kauna, Exile, Yasum Design, ClaVv, Machoire, Bakaboo, alpha.tribe, White Widow, E-Clipse, Naminoke, A&Y Cyber Bunker, PixyStix, Cole’s Corner, SWaGGa, kokorotayori, Blue Sky, PosESioN, Noble Creations, 22769, VISTA Animations.
Events I blog for: Creators Collection Box.

Events: Creators Collection Box.


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