It’s a Kind of Magic



Hair: Thresh by AII (The Ugly and Beautiful) (at The Arena , July)
Hat: Charlotte Hat by AZOURY (at Shiny Shabby )
Tank: Grow Tank Top by Gabriel (at Men Only Monthly )
Necklace: Crow Feather Necklace by Gabriel(at Men Only Monthly )
Earrings: Sangharta Earring TAURUS by JANGKA(at The Arena , July)
Pipe: Happy Midget Mouth by CerberusXing (at Men Only Monthly )
Legs: Classic Leg Prosthesis by ContraptioN ( The Mens Dept )
Tights: Cirque night by Tee*fy
Tattoo: Insidious by White Widow (at Wizarding Faire 2015 )
SLink Nails: Night Magic by Koffin Nails
Decor: “Origins” Chaise Fan Chair and Ornate Velvet Area Rug by CIRCA (at Genre , July)

Aquatic Battalion



Helmet: Leather Battle Helm by 7mad.Ravens (at The Arena July)
Shirt; Look Hot Shirt by Gabriel (at The Season Story , July)
Bracelets: Zip Up Bracelet by CerberusXing (at Kustom9 )
Shorts: Cargo Shorts Graphics Edition by Lapointe&Bastchild
Decor: Floating Fish Iron by 22769/bauwerk
Pose by Agapee

Future Outcast of The Arena


Hair: Future Outcasts by Exile (at Hair Fair )
Headpiece: Hlodovic Headpiece by Zibska (at The Arena )
Pauldrons: Hlodovic Pauldron by Zibska (at The Arena )
Mask: VRSION Konvert 4 Mask by VRSIONLODE (at The Mens Dept , July)
Necklace: Axt Necklace by Meva (at The Arena )
Bracelets: Telgnius Bracer by The Plastik (at The Secret Affair )
Bottom: Funodshi by PFC (Pucca Firecaster’s Creations)(at The Secret Affair )
Tattoo: Tesis by White Widow (at Shiny Shabby starts July 20th)



Hair: Dura-Anime*03 by Dura
Collar: Collar by [LAB737] (at ROMP fair )
Cape: Vagabond Cape by C L A Vv. (at The Arena men’s RP fashion event)
Belt: Vagabond Belt by C L A Vv.(at The Arena men’s RP fashion event)
Mask: Ripped Dusty Mask by C L A Vv.(at The Arena men’s RP fashion event)
Pants: Meridan Pants by >glYph<(at The Arena men’s RP fashion event)
Decor: Japanese Gazebo by 2269/bauwerk (at Origami Summer Festival )
Pose by PosESioN from “Tauro” set




Hair: MAGE hair by RONSEM
Earrings: Axed Ear by CerberusXing (at Uber )
Face Tattoo: Wanted by White Widow
Necklace: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , starts July 2nd)
Spine: The Head Hunter by SWaGGa (at The Arena , July 2nd)
Coat: Wild Fur Coat- wolf by !gO! (at The Arena July 2nd)
Bracelet: SpinaRing Gold by AKINI (gacha at CreationJP )
Skirt: Esseri Male Skirt by Ama. ( The Fantasy Collective )
Slink Nails: Claw Nails by ( KOSH )



Hair: SPRSTOME by [INK] (at The Mens Dept , April)
Makeup: GOta Facepaint by .ARISE. (at The Arena )
Facial Piercing: Gota Horns by .ARISE. (at The Arena )
Jewelry Collar: Secret Collar by ( AZOURY )
Clothing Collar: Nomad Collar by !gO! (at The Arena )
Shirt: Tank by PEQE (at The Arena )
Kilt: Nomad Kilt by !gO! (at The Arena )
Bracelets: Jungle Beads Teal by LUXE. (at Kustom9 )
Arm & Leg Wraps by CerberusXIng (at The Arena )
Sandals: Peter Sandals by Pure Poison
SLink Nails: Monochrome Set by Nailed It! (at On9 )

Champion of the Arena



There’s a new men’s fantasy/RP themed sales event that opens today called The Arena and I’m one of its official bloggers, showing you the latest and best in armor weapons and other hardcore badass gear to make you the fashion warriors of the grid you know you are! First post in more to come, prepping you for your next invasion, my barbarian bros.

Style Credits:
Hair: Faux Dreads-The End by Tableau Vivant
Earpieces: Wired Elven Earpiece by C L A Vv (at The Arena )
Shoulder Pads: Armored Ular Shoulder Pads by C L A Vv(at The Arena )
Tattoo: Hannibal by White Widow
Belt: from “Champion” outfit by PFC (at The Arena )
Bracers: from “Champion” outfit by PFC(at The Arena )
Leg Armor: from “Champion” outfit by PFC(at The Arena )
Spear: Makeshift Spear by SWaGGa (at The Arena )
Decor: Remnants of the Elven by 22769/bauwerk (at We ❤ RP , April)