Numbers & Figures


Hair: Shosuro Hair by Tableau Vivant (at Creation JP , ends April 18th)
Shirt: Spring Shirt/numbers by Gabriel (at Creation JP , ends April 18th)
Pants: Skinny pants_Figures white by Gabriel ($1L Gift at The Mens Dept , April round)
Rings: Vio 7 Ring and Vio Bird Ring by LUXE.
Slink Nails: Monchrome Set by Nailed It! ( On9 exclusive)
Decor: hexaogonomic lounger by [hate this] home (at Creation JP , ends April 18th)


Style Card:
Hair: Windblown 2 by Emo-tions (colour modified/tinted)
Mask: Mes Pensees Sont Des Papillons (w/o holder version) by 22769 (exclusive for l’accessoires April)
Ears: Simple Ears by MANDALA
Necklace with pauldrons: Taras by Zibska (Menswear Fashion Week exclusive)
Pose by PosESioN from “Mister” set

LOTD: Japan Fair & L’Accessoires

Japan Fair ends soon, on April 20th, Easter Sunday. So please hurry, the fashions are fantastic and the sales all go to charity ShelterBox to help victims of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Photographer: Self (Paradox Messmer)
Style Card:
Hair: Japan Fair Limited Hair A-4 by Dura (Japan Fair 2014 exclusive)
Shirt+Jacket: Drape Shirt and Jacket by Gabriel (Japan Fair release)
Pants: Sagging pants by Gabriel (Japan Fair release)
Necklace: Kotowari by MANDALA (The Mens Dept exclusive)
Ring: Talvi by KOSH
Nail Appliers: Metal and Gloss Fingernails by KOSH
Ears: Steking ver3 by MANDALA
Bag: Eenie Leather Bag by XIAJ (L’Accessoires exclusive)
Shoes: Flat Shoes souhituryuu white by Gabriel (Japan Fair exclusive)
Poses: Full body: Marcus 4 by PosESIoN Upper body: Ultimate 002 by ZZANG


Today’s LOTD features 100 Block exclusive jewelry & ink, an item from the Game of Thrones themed gacha event The Secret Affair going on right now, and the latest exclusive from Aesthetica (my brilliant new sponsor) for l’accessoires. All events you’ll definitely want to check before they’re over this month to get some fierce fashions for all you monsters of style!

Photographer: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hair: Cleo by Emo-tions
Necklace: Neck Bolt Chain by 7madRavens (100 Block exclusive)
Jaw: Snaggletooth by Aesthetica (new release for L’accessoires)
Shields: Nipple spiked shields by AIDORU
Ears: PV1ear by E-Clipse
Belt: Khal Drogo- Belt- Black by Pure Poison (for the Secret Affair gacha event)
Tattoo: Demolish by GrungeInk (100 Block exclusive)
Pants: Satomy by Hedo
Boots: Doom by SyS
Bracelets: Snake Charmer by FAUN
Slink Hand Tattoo: Lexy Gloves by Suicide Gurls
Pose by Agapee

Belted and Buckled

Style Credits:
Hair: La Faveur delicate Diamonds & Sequin by MiaMai (exclusive @ l’accessoires)
Suit: Body Belt Suit by Gabriel (exclusive @ FIERA Saviad Fair)
Shoes: Dress Shoe Buckled Loafer by Lapointe & Bastchild
Ring: Antaeus Platinum/Onyx/Diamond Ring by Heth Haute Couture
Slink Nail Appliers: Tri Fingernails by KOSH (new release)
Poses by Diesel Works (50% sale on pose packs and props now till end of March!)