Hair: SPRSTOME by [INK] (at The Mens Dept , April)
Makeup: GOta Facepaint by .ARISE. (at The Arena )
Facial Piercing: Gota Horns by .ARISE. (at The Arena )
Jewelry Collar: Secret Collar by ( AZOURY )
Clothing Collar: Nomad Collar by !gO! (at The Arena )
Shirt: Tank by PEQE (at The Arena )
Kilt: Nomad Kilt by !gO! (at The Arena )
Bracelets: Jungle Beads Teal by LUXE. (at Kustom9 )
Arm & Leg Wraps by CerberusXIng (at The Arena )
Sandals: Peter Sandals by Pure Poison
SLink Nails: Monochrome Set by Nailed It! (at On9 )

Soul Thief


The current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival will sadly be over tomorrow, and what a great round it’s been! I had the best time styling and blogging gacha treasures from it, as always, and here’s one last LOTD using inspiring Fantasy Gacha goodies you can get until midnight SLT tonight (Saturday, Feb 28th).

Style Credits:
Hat: Jester Horns Goth by Yasum Design (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Mask: Soul Thief- Simple Essence RARE by Muneria (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Mouthpiece: Soul Thief- Simple Essence (Mouth) RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Outfit: Coop’s Sash by [AP.PAREL]
Bracelet: LUCK Bracelet by MANDALA
Necklace: Double Cross Necklace by C L A Vv ( Kustom9 , February)
Pose Vitaly11 by Diesel Works (this weekend all pose packs 50% sale)

Bear King



Style Credits:
Coat: Leopard Bear King Coat by BvddyX ( Kustom9 exclusive)
Glasses: Punk Sunglasses by Meva ( Cosmopolitan )
Necklace: Double Cross Necklace by C L A Vv ( Kustom9 )
Pants: Double Layered Capri Pants by LoLa ( “Cosmopolitan )
Sneakers Palmetto Hi-Top Sneakers by Adjunct (new)
Pose Prop: TelephoneBox by Alchemist Cosmopolitan

Future Fantasy



Style Credits:
Hair: Carlo by BURLEY
Mask: Royalty Kingdom Ravenne Mask- Dove RARE by Pink Acid (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Necklace: Dragon Scale Necklace by CerberusXing ( Kustom9, Feb )
Bracelet: Dragon Scale Bracelet by CerberusXing ( Kustom9, Feb )
jacket: Erynor Rogue by PEQE (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Wings: Eli Wing- Spread by SWaGGa (The Fantasy Collective )
Pants: Rival 6.0 by VRSION ( Futurewave exclusive)
Decor: USB2 Tree by 22769/bauwerk ( Futurewave exclusive) and Mannequin Snow White RARE by {anc} E (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )

Cool Runnings


Style Credits:
Hair: Dura-Boy*58 by Dura (new release)
Ears: Steking Ver3 by MANDALA
Shirt: Vintage Jersey Sweatshirt by Wonton ( Kustom9 , Feb)
Jeans: Ambra baggy jeans unisex by SPIRIT ( The Mens Dept , Feb)
Shoes: New Reality Running Shoes by Adjunct (for Men Only Monthly , February)
Decor: Arden Chair and Arden Fan by Apt B (for Cosmopolitan , round 2 February)

London Calling


Hair: Keiran by Tableau Vivant ( We ❤ RP , January)
Scarf: Big Woolen Scarf Black RARE by 22769 (gacha @ The Secret Affair , January)
Coat: Pierre Trenchcoat (with shirt and texture change HUD for shirt) by Gizza (new)
Pants: Pierre Buttoned Jeans by Gizza (new)
Shoes: Padded Lounge Sneakers by Wonton (at Kustom9, January)
Decor: Telephone Booth Nook by 22769/bauwerk ( Leaf On the Wind charity fair exclusive)



Style Credits:
Hair: Seed by [INK]
Mask: Ingenu Mask by AZOURY (The Secret Affair, January)
Necklace: Arrows Necklace by .Reckless. (Project Limited, January)
Bracelets: Bebe Bangle by LUXE. (Kustom9 January)
Coat: Viking by Peqe
Pants: Tristan pants with Kilt crocodile black by Legal Insanity
Shoes: Moccasin Ankle Boots by *Shai* (Kustom9 January)
Pose: Daunted Male by Del May

Kneel Down



Style Credits:
Glasses: Octopussy Glasses by ANE (at Kustom9, December)
Necklace: Vinyl MK-600 Necklace by .E.A. Studio
Hood: Leather Hoodie Cap by CLAVv (Kustom9, December)
Gloves: Solo Snow Gloves Arctic Black Tips by Flite (Kustom9, December)
Pants: Future Shorts by [VALE KOER]
Shoes: Skywalker by Flite
Decor: Kneel Tables by David Heather (Kustom9, December)
Pose by Dyer Maker (from Against the Wall set)



Style Credits:
Hoodie Vest: Sandstorm Vest by ClaVv ( Kustom9 exclusive)
Necklace: Harvest Moon by The Forge ( The Secret Affair exclusive)
Bracelet: Leather Cuff Bracelet- Giza by etham
Makeup: Dotty Makeup by .la petite morte ( Cirque de Seraphim fair exclusive)
Pants: Outre Leather Pants by .Shi
Slink Nails: Shiny Fingernails by KOSH
Pose by PosESioN



Hat: Soho Wide Brim Hat by Wonton ( The Chapter Four , November)
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Grils*54 by Dura (new release)
Necklace: Chunk chain- titanium by .Pekka (The Mens Dept, November)
Shirt: Olivier Cotton Henley by Wonton (new)
Pants: Cjoggers by Blvck Anchor (new)
Shoes: Comme Des Verse by Wonton ( Kustom9 , November)
Pose by Le Poppycock from Overflow B set at The Mens Dept (November round)