Fantasy Faire Farewell


Fantasy Faire 2016 is wrapping up tomorrow, May 1st, so please if you haven’t already visited it, or if they have and there’s still some sims or stores you haven’t been to yet, get yourself over there by wings, by pegasus, by jellyfish, by airship, or whatever means you can to experience the magic and enchantment of the many amazing immersive sims, and while you’re there check out the exclusives that some of the most creative designers have to offer in SL.

This is my final post for Fantasy Faire 2016 , sadly, it’s been a great deal of fun to blog for it and I wish I could’ve had time to show you more. For one last look from me, check out Naminoke’s gorgeous kimono exclusive, available in both male and female versions (mmm, unisexy), and these decorative enchanting floating cubes from E.V.E Studio as well as the decorative Hafiz stand (comes with female and male poses in it, not shown here) which also comes in a hanging version from another great and favorite SL Japanese creator, Air.

Hair: TYD883 hair by booN
Kimono: FUJI KIMONO Male Obiage by Naminoke (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Decor: Cubic Dreams by E.V.E Studio(at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Hafiz (stand version) by Air (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Pose by Agapee


Cave Monster


Horns: Golden Dawn Horns by LOVE (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Armour: Osiris Armour by The Forge(at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Pants: Lusty Corset Pants by Breath (at 50 Shades of Lust Fair )
Nipple Spiked Shields by AIDORU
Pose: Rocker Attitude by Bauhaus Movement
Cave: Dangarnon Cavemonster by Death Row Designs (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )



Hair: Domini Hair by {Letituier} ( Tres Chic )
Headpiece: Dragon MU Headpiece by LOVE (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Armour: Dragon LEI Armour by LOVE(at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Pants: Padded Redux baggy pants by alpha.tribe(at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Shoulder Accessories: Padded unisex shoulder pieces by alpha.tribe(at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Skin: Ranitomeya by Soul (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Pose: Lyrical No1 (Male version) by evolove )

Fantasy Faire is here!


Fantasy Faire 2016 is finally here!

There are 10 shopping sims to explore and 4 others besides that that are immersive, beautiful and rich and fantastic environments, perfect for taking your blog photos at. Proceeds of sales from this event’s exclusives go to Relay for Life for cancer research and aid, you really don’t want to miss this one because it’s HUGE and so much fun to be at. There’s DJs and live entertainment and much more as well.

I’m an official Fantasy Faire 2016 blogger so I will be showing you the brand new goodies only available at the event until May 1st. Here I’m wearing pieces of a new outfit from the amazing alpha.tribe, and new dragon-themed sandals that come in male and female versions by Bliensen + MaiTai, also an exclusive for Fantasy Faire.

Stay tuned for so much more!

Hair: Invert by {Letituier} (at Tres Chic )
Headpiece: Symmetry Head Dragons (from Symmetry outfit) by alpha.tribe (at Fantasy Faire 2016 on the Dangarnon sim)
Ear Cuff: Phoenix Demon Earring by JANGKA (at Epicene till April 30th)
Shoulder Pieces: Symmetry Unisex Chest (from Symmetry outfit) by alpha.tribe Fantasy Faire 2016 on the Dangarnon sim)
Skirt:: Symmetry Unisex Skirt by (from Symmetry outfit) by alpha.tribe Fantasy Faire 2016 on the Dangarnon sim)
Foot Pieces also from from Symmetry outfit set by alpha.tribe
Chest Harness: Studded Vest by THIRST (at ROMP )
Tattoo: Demolition by White Widow (at Black Fashion Fair 2016 )
Mesh Body Applier Pants: Shephard Unisex Leggings by Lybra
Sandals: Draki by Bliensen + MaiTai (at Fantasy Faire 2016 )
Pose: Homme Editorial N.1 by WHITE CITY


FashionArt: When Fashion Meets Art fair by Legal Insanity has started and will run until May 31st. It’s a fair with the theme of merging art with fashion, with designs that are inspired by the works of classic painters. Such a wonderful idea, when I heard about it I knew I had to apply to blog for this event. This LOTD features a couple of exclusives from FashionArt. More to come!

Photographer: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Hill by Tableau Vivant
Ear Frames: Chained Ear Frames Bronze Rare by Aesthetica (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival , May)
Makeup: Akua by Nuuna + Glam Boy eyeliner by Blackliquid
Necklace: Coin Necklace by Zenith (@ The Mens Dept, May)
Tanktop: The Tank of an Artist by J&A Rock Culture (FashionArt Fair exclusive)
Pants: No2 Urban Pants by MC Fashion
Shoes: Afterlife Men’s Hi-Top Sneakers by Adjunct (new release)
Cuff: Leather Cuffs by Yasum Design
Slink Nails by Nailed It! (FashionArt Fair exclusive)
Easel & Painting by Solarium (Fantasy Faire Hunt Gift. Only available until May 11th)

Fantasy Faire: 2nd Post

Be sure to explore more of Fantasy Faire 2014 . There’s so many fine creations to pick up and beautiful sims to experience. I would call today’s look Fantasy-Steampunk-Goth inspiration, and very purple, the colour of the Cure, Relay for Life.

The skybox I’m in is an amazingly high res and detailed getaway called The Atelier by Garden of Dreams which you can purchase in a RFL vendor at the Faire. Garden of Dreams always make the greatest escapes to live out your SL dreams.

Hair: Totes by [INK] (at the Mens Dept, May round)
Hat: Brain Preserve Top Hat by Unrepentant (@ Fantasy Faire)
Makeup: Party all night/indifference by [mock]
Jacket: Sixty-Two Jacket RFL by *BOOM* (Fantasy Faire 2014 RFL vendor)
Pants: Fenrir- Pants by Gauze (Fantasy Faire 2014 RFL vendor)
Boots: Jerico by E-Clipse
Ring: Lady Josephine Empleton Thorne’s Aether Salon Finger Talisman by Alchemy Immortalis
Pose from new “Marcus” Set by PosESIoN
“The Atelier” Skybox by Garden of Dreams (RFL item @ Fantasy Faire 2014)

Fantasy Faire: First Post!

Fantasy Faire is upon us now, a most thrillingly EPIC event spanning 9 amazing sims that have to be seen to be believed. It goes until May 11th, so hurry over! There is content from so many of the best fantasy and period clothing designers around the grid, and the builds of the sims are ripe with creative photography opportunities.

As one of the official bloggers covering the event, I want to start by showing you this great outfit from House of Rfyre you can get as a RFL vendor item, where all the proceeds of the purchase go to Relay for Life cancer research. As well, this amazing mask from Unsung, which you can also get as a RFL release only at Fantasy Faire, the details are incredible, there’s a few different styles and you can customize the colours with a HUD.

Stay tuned for more from this wonderful event! For more info go here:

Hair: Lion by RAW House
Ears: Seelie Ears by Illusions
Mask: Mechabone Mask- Humanoid by Unsung (Fantasy Faire RFL exclusive item)
Outfit: Black Guard II Mens by House of Rfyre (Fantasy Faire RFL item)
Gloves: Marcus by MiaMai (no longer available)
Boots: Assassin Boots by LightStar
Pose by PosESIoN from “Rumplestiltskin” Set