Night Creeper



There’s just a couple of days left of my Halloween sale raising money for Mental Health America. 16 top designers have created dark and creepy inspired items for you at 50% going to the cause. Please stop by Soundproof before midnight SLT on November 1st, when it’ll all be taken down.

Thanks to all who spent or gave generously. Let’s hope we made mental illness less of a nightmare to go through for many people. I know it certainly has been one for me, and I’m in a really bad place with my mental health right now so doing this was of great therapeutic value. Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!

Eyes: Monster Mash- Night Creeper by The Stringer Mausoleum ( Halloween Hellraiser for Mental Health America )
Makeup: Halloween Designs- Wicked Woman by Madrid Solo (new release)
Horns: Se Horns by [AD] Creations ( The Couturier’s Docks , October)
Hair: Bonzai Noir by blackLiquid Hair ( The Couturier’s Docks , October)
Jacket: Coven Robes by [AP.PAREL] ( Halloween Fair 2014 )
Pants: Abstract Dandy Pants by E-Clipse (new for After 6 Days )
Lost Souls- Miniature Crypt & Wraith Graveyard by [CIRCA] ( Halloween Hellraiser for Mental Health America )
Pose by Del May


April is coming to an end, and so now begins another colourful round of Couturiers Docks , where you can find this amazing piece of art that’s an exclusive from AD Creations, a truly visionary designer I’m lucky to have as a long-time blog sponsor. Only limited copies left of 2 versions of the mask, so hurry your fashionable selves over!

Also notably, Vero Modero’s big 50% sale is ending on the last day of April, so stop by and go on a shopping rampage as you get huge discounts on the highest end fashions.

Mask: Hidden primrose mesh mask by AD Creations (limited exclusives @ Couturiers Docks right now)
Top: Armiore by Vero Modero (women’s version)
Tights: Superstar Spikes Tights b PiCH
Gloves: Skanda Sleeves by MiaMai (from “Skanda” outfit, Black Label)
Boots: Claw Boots Black Leather by Wicca’s Wardrobe
Pose by Inertia