How Zibska got her crown back (the truth about Mr Virtual World 2016)

So recently, as I shared here on my blog that my hard-earned Mr Virtual World 1st place title and crown was taken from me by the owners of the pageant and the associated agency BOSL. I had shared with you their personal reasons they gave me about why I was fired, they gave me some BS about how on facebook I spoke against Trump, criticized porn and linked it with misogyny, and other expressions of free speech they did not approve of and saw as creating too much controversy and drama.

But this is not the only reason why I lost my crown. Before I go into that, let me first share with you a small sample of the transcript of what was said to me in explanation and defense of why they took away crown:

[13:29] Angelus Bunin – Mynx (angelus.bunin): not only about designers paradox, the porn thing, the trump thing, i can go on and on and on and on and explain how each and every single one brought drama to the comapny, to the corporation and loss of designers, sponsors and ad revenue for the magazine

Sure that’s bad enough if they fired me for that, but that’s not what this is all really about. It’s not just about me exercising my freedom of speech and talking about Trump and why I’m against porn, no no, it’s not even what I said about a lot of (but not all) designers and events caring more about how many favorites someone has and how popular they are than actual creativity in styling. There is something else, something I never shared with anyone before. A few days after I won Mr Virtual World, the owners of the pageant came to me and they told me that there were certain designers who were threatening to withdraw their sponsorship of BOSL and the Miss Virtual World Organization simply because of my win. After they told me this, they ended up letting me keep my crown if I promised not to start any drama. So you see, when they saw me talking about political and social issues on facebook they jumped at that chance for an excuse to fire me, to look like it was just me violating my contract and no underlying reasons.

Well those designers and models who came forward to protest my win got what they wanted now. But why, you may ask, was this even happening to me? I have heard of no other Mr Virtual World winner whose win was protested against by so many. Well it’s really quite complicated but what it comes down to is it all started with a designer named Zib Scaggs, whose store/brand is Zibska. We had a fight some years back, one she made very public and got a lot of people on her side with, and ever since then she’s had a personal very passionate vendetta out against me and she’s shown it at every opportunity she’s had to exercise it. She was the one who designed the crown given to me as the winner of Mr Virtual World, and she was predictably, very upset with me being the one to wear it. So much so, that she said she was withdrawing her sponsorship of BOSL and Mr Virtual World altogether, and I’m sure she talked to the other designers that also did the same because why else would they have a problem with me? They even told the management of BOSL that it was about my image and reputation for “starting drama” with designers and agencies.

Ok, here’s what I need clear up. I did NOT start drama with Zib in the first place, she did, when she made public our very private IM conversation where I said something she *thought* was a threat to her brand, when all I said was “I should tell everyone how bad a person you are”. That was it, that was all I said, and it wasn’t even something I meant anything by, if I meant anything it was just to tell a few of my friends about my dealings with her. That was the full extent of it, swear on my life. But she wanted to convince everyone she could that I was actually EXTORTING her, that I was threatening to slander her in public if I did not get a review copy of her exclusive from the event I was officially blogging for at the time.

That’s outrageously far far from the truth of the situation. It had nothing to do with that, in fact I just had a long personal history with her for years and it had everything to do with all of that. It had a lot to do with how I used to be her blogger, her very first male blogger that she invited to blog for her, and how she dumped me as a blogger as soon as she got new male bloggers and had even told me that it was because my photos weren’t good enough for her products.

That was only the tip of the iceburg of personal feelings of anger and resentment and hurting that I harbored for her. I felt betrayed, not just by how she treated me as a blogger, but as someone who used to come out to my DJ sets and be a generally down-to-earth fun sort of person but who clearly dramatically changed the minute her brand took off and she became a big deal in the SL fashion world. A celebrity who people kissed the ass of and practically worshipped, yes this changed her a lot and I was talking about that with her prior to issuing that “threat”.

People just didn’t want to hear my side of the story though, when this all went down, when she wrote up this big thing about how I was extorting her and making all kinds of wild accusations and assumptions about me. What she wrote was nothing short of slander, libel, against me as a person and as a blogger. She even said in that original blog post and flickr post that she strongly advised all agencies and magazines who currently had me as their model that they should fire me to protect their good image and reputations, as well she said my blog sponsors should do the same. Yes she said all this, loud and clear for all to see and hear. I felt helpless, victimized and all alone, even though I Had some of my friends come to my defense in the comments on that flickr post. They were largely outnumbered by all these people who came out of the woodwork to attack me, to sling insults at me and to generally gang up on me like bullies with Zib as their ringleader.

I wish I had transcripts of all this now, I had kept them but they are now lost due to a crash of my backup drive that they were stored on. I wish you could see how many people ganged up on me and the horrible things that were said about me and to me. These people didn’t even know me at all, they were just people on flickr with large followings and lots of favorites that were kissing up to a big designer so they could be in her good books maybe get something out of it for themselves, who knows. I fought back, angry words were said to them and I insulted them right back (which I regret doing, I won’t lie. I shouldn’t have stooped to their level) and I posted my own side of the story on my blog and flickr. But then my partner convinced Zib to take down her post on flickr (as far as I know she never took down her blog post which had exactly the same content) and then I was persuaded by that same partner of mine to take down my side of the story blog post so that it wouldn’t perpetuate the drama and fighting. So I did, and boy do I really regret that now.

I say I regret it now because so many people have judged me by Zib’s post for years to come after this incident, and they never saw my story since it was only up for a short time, and there are people who never saw the original post from Zib but just heard about it and decided to make up their minds about me, taking her side without ever asking me for mine. These people have been bloggers, designers, agency owners, magazine owners, SL fashion event owners and more. Her influence has spread far and wide. I have barely even grazed the sheer reach of it yet, I can tell you about what happened to my modeling career following the Zibska drama.

However, I will save that story for my next written blog. In the meantime, I will continue to keep those usual fashion posts coming, in devotion to my wonderful sponsors and the events I blog for, and also to give my blog followers some respite between reading all this stuff. Thank you for reading what I have put here so far, those of you who have done so. I appreciate your interest in what I have to say and what I’ve gone through. More to come soon, so stay tuned, and feel free to share this with people if you wish. I’ve lost everything I worked so hard for in the fashion world of SL, and I really need to clear my name and image. I feel I am entitled to this much, after what I’ve been put through and the deep depression I’m drowning in.

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