Epicene: a shopping event for her & him (seeking designers)


The next exciting monthly fashion event unlike any other is coming in April: Epicene. I have created this event to serve both female and male shoppers. Right now Epicene is seeking top quality designers to participate in our very first round starting on April 10th, 2016!

Epicene is another word for unisex appeal, which is what this sale is all about. For this event, designers provide both a male and a female exclusive for every round, or 1 unisex exclusive..

Designers have complete creative control over what they choose to make, with no theme to limit their imagination. You will only find 100% original content at Epicene, from original mesh to original unique poses, skins and makeup.

If you’re interested in applying as a designer for Round 1, please fill out the application form on our official website:


Many top brands are already confirmed for Round 1 of Epicene, such as Zafair (formerly known as Chic Zafari), titzuki, Boys to the Bone, Elysium, E-Clipse Design, E.V.E Studio, Breath, Elysium, E-Clipse Design and more (see list of designers on website). Are you a dynamic designer who will join this fantastic company?

We are also looking for bloggers to join our team of covering this event extensively. You can find blogger applications on the website as well. Applications are open until March 22nd.

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