Ziggy really sang


I am deeply saddened by the news that one of my biggest heroes/idols and a true rock icon has passed away, the legendary David Bowie. This blog picture is my own modest tribute to Bowie, with a haunting quote from his latest song. I wish I could have done a lot better, he deserves far more, but I am still in shock and processing what’s happened and what I’ll do now is just post a better tribute in writing, if you don’t mind reading.

Well, there’s not much I can say about him that hasn’t already been said. Words have been thrown around to describe him have been “innovator” “genius” “groundbreaking” “a man who changed music forever” “queer icon” and he has been cited by a large majority of musicians and bands both popular and those underground and alternative as being their most defining influence on their music. He shaped many a great person who has gone on to become a creative force in this world, creating their own mind-expanding and provocative art in his wake. But let me talk if I may for a moment, about what he meant to me personally.

To me as an avatar in SL, I have based various incarnations of my face on some of his features, in particular the way he looked when was Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy’s fashion sense and style and his androgynous sexually ambiguous enigma have mesmerized and inspired me for so many years and indeed helped shape who I am both in RL and SL. That probably comes as no shock to anyone who regularly follows my blog or my modeling career. It’s not that I ever wanted to copy him outright, I just genuinely related to this persona, to the androgyny, the glam, the bisexuality, and the fashion aesthetics.

I have identified with his strangeness, his daring to be different and let his freak flag fly yet still somehow managing to make a success of himself in spite of that, or perhaps really because of it. I aspired to do that same thing in SL, and in some ways I have achieved it, in other ways I have not, but that’s irrelevant. The point is there’s a little Bowie in all of us, if we just dare to be true to our real selves and let it come out. If we dare to let our weirdness and our quirks and whatever makes us stand apart from the crowd really shine through and decide not give a fuck what anyone else thinks of these traits. Come on, even if you don’t want to be free with that in RL do it in SL at least, that’s what it’s here for.

May David Bowie rest in peace, and ascend to the stars and be that shining Starman looking down on us and leaving trails of stardust for us to follow our dreams through. Thank you David for changing the world for the better.

Style Credits:
Hair: Noah by [BURLEY] (Modified colour by me)
Jacket: ADAM- Stripes by DIRAM
Necklace: Gyatei by MANDALA
Makeup: Aladdin Sane by Fallen Gods
Pants: Sequin Pants by MonCheri
Boots: Platform Boots by C L A Vv.
(Store hyperlinks coming soon)
Pose: The Box Stand by Inertia
Decor: Pyramid Stage by 22769

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