Champion of the Arena



There’s a new men’s fantasy/RP themed sales event that opens today called The Arena and I’m one of its official bloggers, showing you the latest and best in armor weapons and other hardcore badass gear to make you the fashion warriors of the grid you know you are! First post in more to come, prepping you for your next invasion, my barbarian bros.

Style Credits:
Hair: Faux Dreads-The End by Tableau Vivant
Earpieces: Wired Elven Earpiece by C L A Vv (at The Arena )
Shoulder Pads: Armored Ular Shoulder Pads by C L A Vv(at The Arena )
Tattoo: Hannibal by White Widow
Belt: from “Champion” outfit by PFC (at The Arena )
Bracers: from “Champion” outfit by PFC(at The Arena )
Leg Armor: from “Champion” outfit by PFC(at The Arena )
Spear: Makeshift Spear by SWaGGa (at The Arena )
Decor: Remnants of the Elven by 22769/bauwerk (at We ❤ RP , April)

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