Today is the last day of PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014 so hurry up and get yourself to the retail area to snatch up some hot trends for the new season, like this beautiful outfit from ZANZE for Men.

It was very steampunk style, so I decided to make this a crossover post promoting A Clockwork Spiral , a gothic steampunk themed fair that raises money for the American Kidney Foundation, a very important cause.

And if you love this plague dr. mask from Secret Affair by FLite. as much as I do, you can get the real thing on etsy and you can see the wonderful plague doctor character creative youtube talent Ephemeral Rift plays using this same mask (exact same one) here . I love Dr. Corvus Clemmons, he’s a fav!

Style Credits:
Hair: Limbo Wet Hair Look by TuTy’s
Mask: Plaguemask White by Flite. (The Secret Affair, September)
Outfit: Pinkerton (Kpop) by Zanze (exclusive for PENUMBRA AW/fW 2014)
Wings: Mechanical Angel by Goth1c0 (A Clockwork Spiral exclusive)
Boots: Steampunk Smoking Boots by Eudora 3D
Decor: A Clockwork Spiral (link above) exclusive items by 22769/bauwerk
Pose by oOo Studio

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