Metal Mickey



A lot of great events going on right now, which I will show you some exclusives form. The Black Fashion Fair , La Metallique Fair (a l’accessoires event), Collabor88’s big birthday which is a much expanded version of Collabor88 all with a Greek mythology theme, truly amazing stuff.

And La Metallique Fair is absolutely mindblowing, so much creative beautiful metallic materials enabled art for your accessorizing needs, you can’t miss it.

Style Credits:
Hair: Unravel by Exile (Collabor88, August)
Bowtie: Sian Bowtie Silver by David Heather (The Metallique Fair)
Wings: Cietica wings by Aesthetica (The Metallique Fair)
Suit: Double Breasted Jacket Floral Black by Kauna (The Black Fair exclusive)
Shoes: Oxfords Black by Kauna (The Black Fair excluive)
Pose: Edgar2 by PosESioN (new release)
Chair: Hades by 8f8 (Collabor88)

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