Today’s post is very special. It’s marking some very big changes, good and bad. Warning: long post after the pics, but worth reading.



We’ll start with the good. Mister Virtual World is over, and I was one of the Top 10 Finalists! Though I did not get Top 5 or runner up, I am very proud of what I have achieved, and so glad it’s over now haha!

Now for the bad news. It deeply saddens me to announce that Shiki Designs is closing its doors in the coming next week. There will be 20 free items from Shinichi (Shiki designer and good friend) in the store to find and discounts so please hurry up and get these amazing, groundbreaking designs before they’re gone. Shiki’s unique vision of art meets fashion, and fashion with lots of colours for men and women both, has influenced many designers in SL and his and his partner VinnWong’s contribution to the SL fashion industry will not be forgotten.

Another thing I want to announce is that I am experimenting at this time with a new skin, to update my look after 2 years of the same bodyco skin (now called TheSkinShops, and the skin was called Breeze and now is being sold as “Koi”) and while it’s done amazingly for me and I’m very attached to it, I may just upgrade to this newer skin from them. We will see. I’m still debating it majorly, and I’m torn, very torn.

Last but not least, The Seasons Story and Hair Fair (click them for links) are open! Wootboots! Hair Fair is amazing this year, I’m one of the bloggers for it, and there’s lots more for men than usual, like this super sexy Exile style I feel like never taking off.

Seasons Story has this awesome gacha set from XIAJ, collect them all it’s a great messy artist’s studio and the paintbrushes are named after me, wow! Thank you Jiax. ❤

Hair: High and Dry by Exile (2 different colours shown. Hair Fair 2014 release)
Tank Top: Jungle Canopy Mesh Tanktop (new) by Shiki Designs (store closing in 1 week)
Shorts: Envy Mesh Beach Boardies (new) by Shiki Designs (store closing in 1 week)
Bracelets Threads&Chains Bracelet by Sabotage
Sandals: Banana Leaf Winged Sandal by -FAUN- *new*
Decor and Skybox: Sunday Morning Gacha set by XIAJ @ Season Story (Summer). RARES pictured in set: Mixed Media Table, Painting Ladder, Sunday Morning Bed, Sunday Morning Skybox Ultra Rare.
Pose Edgar 4 by PosESioN (new release Edgar set)

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