The latest version of FATEeyes by FATEwear is out, totally revolutionizing eye customization. 3.0 mesh eyes come with a HUD that allows you to change the size and shape of your pupils, irises, veins, the shine, shading and tint your each part of your eyes to virtually any colour under the rainbow colour palette that it comes with!

So, you can make your pupil bright green while you iris is pink, whatever you want, it’s crazy and they’re so realistic you won’t have to shop for eyes again.

Style Card:
Hair: Tadao by taketomi (new)
Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0 by FATEwear (new)
Cardigan with shirt: Summer Cardigan by Gabriel (@ The Mens Dept )
Shorts: Bruce Outfit- Cargo Shorts by Gizza (new)
Bracelets: SANKARA by MANDALA (new @ The Mens Dept )
Shoes: Slip-on shoes hibiscus by Gabriel (@ The Mens Dept )
Slink Nails: Shiny Fingernails by KOSH
Pose “Acuario 1” by PosESioN

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