PENUMBRA FW is coming to a close tomorrow, and it’s been an amazing event, an amazing experience to walk in these fantastically produced shows for top designers and to attend some of them in the audience, too. Also blogging this event has been most enjoyable, and here’s one last look at something you can get at PENUMBRA FW’s retail area from Lybra.

Lybra is having a show tonight, 6pm SLT (Friday, May 30th), another show I’m honored to walk in as a model, you can find a ride to it here . Hope to see you there! Note: World Goth Fair ends on June 1st, so don’t forget to support this wonderful charity event.

*click pic for larger size*
Style Card:
Hair: Derby by Damselfly (World Goth Fair exclusive)
Makeup: Eye Makeup- Tentacle- Red by Madrid Solo (@ PENUMBRA FW)
Suit: Gitano by Lybra (@ PENUMBRA FW)
Ring: Farewell My Concubine by Zenith (l’accessoires, May)
Slink Nails: Claw Art Couture by ChicZafari
Cthulu Armchair by bauwerk (World Goth Fair exclusive)
Gothic Gazebo by bauwerk/22769 (World Goth Fair exclusive)

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