Fantasy Faire: First Post!

Fantasy Faire is upon us now, a most thrillingly EPIC event spanning 9 amazing sims that have to be seen to be believed. It goes until May 11th, so hurry over! There is content from so many of the best fantasy and period clothing designers around the grid, and the builds of the sims are ripe with creative photography opportunities.

As one of the official bloggers covering the event, I want to start by showing you this great outfit from House of Rfyre you can get as a RFL vendor item, where all the proceeds of the purchase go to Relay for Life cancer research. As well, this amazing mask from Unsung, which you can also get as a RFL release only at Fantasy Faire, the details are incredible, there’s a few different styles and you can customize the colours with a HUD.

Stay tuned for more from this wonderful event! For more info go here:

Hair: Lion by RAW House
Ears: Seelie Ears by Illusions
Mask: Mechabone Mask- Humanoid by Unsung (Fantasy Faire RFL exclusive item)
Outfit: Black Guard II Mens by House of Rfyre (Fantasy Faire RFL item)
Gloves: Marcus by MiaMai (no longer available)
Boots: Assassin Boots by LightStar
Pose by PosESIoN from “Rumplestiltskin” Set

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