Ahoy, it be Fantasy Collective!

The Fantasy Collective opened yesterday, Easter Sunday, and I hope you all had a happy Easter (wanted to post on the opening day, but it was a busy weekend)! Thar be much great booty ahoy for you scallywags to plunder in this pirate-themed round of TFC, from the greatest designers in fantasy fashion. So anchors away, get ye there!

Photographer: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hair: Drake by Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective exclusive)
Eye Makeup: Manic Shadow by NOX (Cosmetic Fair April round release)
Eye Patch: Spade Eye Patch by Deviant Girls (closed)
Coat: William by Luminary (The Fantasy Collective exclusive)
Ring: Cameo Ring (monkey) by DECO
Necklace: The Sun necklace by WTG
Jeans: Vintage Jean Claret by Gizza
Peg Leg Curvy by OAL (The Fantasy Collective exclusive)
Boots: Mullingar Boots by hoorenbeek
Stage: The Lost Pirate Island by Kalopsia (The Fantasy Collective exclusive)

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