100 Block starts tomorrow!

100 Block is coming tomorrow! Depraved Nation’s annual fashion fair featuring 100 great designers of mostly an urban, casual and alternative edge to get you rockin’ in spring, runs from April 9th-30th. Here’s your first look from me at some of the men’s goodies to be grabbed, including new poses.

Photographer: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Credits:
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls*51 by Dura (new release)
Jacket: Natan Jacket by R3volt ( 100 Block exclusive)
Pants: Kurt Cargo Pants Flames by Legal Insanity ( 100 Block exclusive)
Gloves: Cruising Gloves by O.M.E.N. x Dynasty (The Mens Dept exclusive)
Socks: Union Jack Unisex Socks by Cannibelle (Rock Attitude Fair exclusive)
Boots: Rubbersole by RONSEM
Poses 1st: From Rock Solid a mens buddy 2 person ball set, I ripped pose out of one ball and used it just for me. 2nd Pose: from Subtle Moves male solo poses set by Image Essentials all exclusives for 100 Block

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