Escape Event

The Escape Dark RP themed special sale and gacha event is going right now until Wednesday, April 9th, so hurry up to check out some interesting offerings at special cheap prices from the horror and goth designer community, in stores around the Pandemonium sim.

I agreed to blogging this event because I like to help out the smaller horror-based designers who make quirky, fun and creepy stuff. For a guy like me, every day is Halloween.

Style Card:
Hair: Witch Doctor by Bad Juju (gacha at Escape event)
Mask: Harlequin check red by Laundanum Lollipops (gacha at the Escape event)
Card attachment: Fool’s Deception by Laundanum Lollipops (50% off right now at the Escape event till Wednesday April 9. After event, will go back to normal price in mainstore)
Shirt: Fantastick Shirt by Tasty Pudding (just 99L for Escape event)
Pants: Fantastick Pants by Tasty Pudding (99L sale for Escape event)
Background decor: Grave Robber prefab by Pandemonium (79L sale at Escape event)
Pose by Morphine

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