Shadow of the Wolf

Fantasy Gacha Fair is open and if you persist enough to get in to the frequently packed sim and manage to make it through the lag caused by all the “mighty warriors” (*coughs*nerds!*coughs*) decked out in heavily scripted weapons who seem to have mistaken the gacha fair for a RP convention/Renn Faire, it’s well worth it for there’s some amazingly designed, wonderfully imaginative and quirky stuff by top designers to get this round.
Also you fantasy lovers don’t forget to visit The Fantasy Collective mini-round that’s on right now, it ends tomorrow (Feb 7th) and it’s where I got this fantastic work of architecture in the photo.

Style Credits:
Hair: Seiko by Lelutka
Crown: Cache Crown Dragon Obsidian RARE by ieQED (Fantasy Gacha Fair exclusive)
Cloak: Heathcliff The Lord’s Cloak in Onyx Fur RARE by Junbug (Fantasy Gacha Fair exclusive)
Mask: Obsessed Mask by :Z.S: (was a Project Limited exclusive)
Shirt: Last Thread by A:S:S
Pants: Leather Leggings by Eclat
Pose from new! Geometric pose set by PosESioN
Wolf prop The Shadowing Wolf by {aii} (“Enchanted” new Feb round exclusive)
Build/stage: The Flying Hall by bauwerk/22769 (for The Fantasy Collective, January mini-round ends tomorrow, Feb 7th)

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