More furiously fierce releases from the Jewelry & Accessory Expo from E-Clipse, Faster Pussycat, Identity and KMADD!

Horns: Cyber Horns by Faster Pussycat (new release for Jewelry & Accessory Expo)
Makeup: Gridworx Full Set by Madrid Solo
Necklace: CatchMe by E-Clipse (J&A Expo exclusive)
Tattoo: The Hustler by .Identity. (J&A Expo exclusive)
Ring: CatchME by E-Clipse (J&A Expo exclusive)
Watch: CatchMe Watch by E-Clipse (J&A Expo exclusive)
Armband: Band Leather (with texture change HUD) b KMADD Moda (J&A Expo exclusive)
Body hair: Happy Trail with arm/leg hair by Fruk
Pose: Tauro4 by PosESioN

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