J&A Expo: Gabriel

The Jewelry & Accessory Expo kicks off tomorrow! Are you stoked? I know I am beyond stoked. Supremely stoked like a wildfire, baby. This is possibly the most exciting fashion event yet from Siren Productions! Although their other ones this year have been insanely good too. Like with the others, there are fashion shows, shopping (with exclusives), gachas, parties galore!

If you’re a gacha addict like me, you will probably have convulsions of euphoria from the bounty of high quality designer gacha machines to be found there. And if you’re a shopping addict, there’s too many worthy temptations to make you go broke before Xmas so watch out. Exclusives such as these ones from Gabriel. Stay tuned for tons more coverage of this amazing event!

Style Card:
Hair: AGAINST by [INK] (for the new Men’s Dept round)
Ears: Steking Ears ver4 by MANDALA
Sunglasses: Leather cover sunglasses by Gabriel (Jewelry & Accessories Expo exclusive, see above link)
Necklace: Key necklace by Gabriel (Jewelry & Accessories Expo exclusive)
Gloves: Studded Gloves by Gabriel (Jewelry & Accessories Expo exclusive)
Jacket: Dante by FATEwear
Shirt: Barong Tagalog by Gizza
Pants: Eddie by FATEwear
Shoes: Gauntlet shoes by Ladies Who Lunch
Poses by Agapee

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