The Fantasy Collective

I’m super thrilled to have just joined the blogging team for an exciting and most magical bi-monthly themed sale called The Fantasy Collective , where you can find fashions pushing the limits of imagination for people who love to RP or just style creatively. There is a bounty of amazing stuff this round. It wasn’t hard to get inspired by some of the exclusives, in creating this look which is like a Winter or Ice King, a spirit of the snow covered woodland.

Another new monthly sales event that I’m excited about is Posetastic which I’m also covering. A great idea for a sale catering to your pose needs for affordable prices from many great pose makers such as PosESioN. This pose here is part of a free 4-pose gift you can find at the sale! Dahriel always does great stuff.

Eyes: Classic gen4- black coral by Poetic Colors
Hair: Beck by Tableau Vivant (Collabor88 exclusive)
Makeup: Raven’s Song- Male- Eyes Only by Madrid Solo
Headpiece: Twig Headpiece 1 Naiads by [Little Tasta] (The Fantasy Collective exclusive release)
Earrings: Feather Ear Cuff Oreiades by [Little Tasta] (The Fantasy Collective exclusive release)
Necklace: 1b RARE by [Little Tasta] (Fantasy Collective exclusive gacha)
Bracers: Hawk Bracer by [The Forge] (Fantasy Collective exclusive release)
Jacket: Spiked Coat by Trap
Pants: Spiked Pants by Trap
Boots: Paramour by Lassitude & Ennui (Shoetopia 2013 exclusive)
Staff: Tallis Staff by [Little Tasta] (Fantasy Collective exclusive release)
Hands: Male Hands Relax by SLink
Pose by PosESioN (a gift at Posetastic new monthly poses sale)

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