This is Halloween

“Tender lumplings everywhere,
life’s no fun without a good scare!”

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, Dr. Fashion Frankenstein has stitched together some gruesome creatures using creepy creations you can get at Horrorfest.

They hope to see you in your nightmares after eating too much candy and watching too many horror movies before bedtime (I strongly encourage this practice! go on, you know you wanna do it…).

1st Pic:
Mask: The Pin Cushion by DECO (Horrorfest exclusive)
Collar: Noname by Zibska
Blood layers by Redrum
Weapon: Fateful Threadcutter (Horror Limited Edition) by DECO (Horrorfest exlusive)
Pants: Claw pants by Tableau Vivant
Boots: Pretender platforms by Ladies Who Lunch
Pose by Squeek (from the gacha machine at Horrorfest)

2nd Pic:
Head: f.o.d Blind Carnage by Death Row Designs (Horrorfest gacha machine)
Hands: Demonhands by Death Row Designs
Skin: Scales xy by Fallen Gods
Snake Body: Naga Tail by
Chain: Celeno bodychain by E-Clipse (part of the “Celeno” harpy outfit)

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