Brand new makeup and hairbase releases from KMADD you can find at the Body Modification Fair! These are just a couple of examples of many excellent designs available there from KMADD. And of course, lots more Horrorfest tricks and treats to ensnare and bewitch you! And just to note, proceeds of sales of exclusives go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project, so all the more reason to hit the fair.

Ravens and spiders and crypts oh my, and a spiked muzzle how badass can you get?

Photography: Paradox Messmer
Hair: Tera by MADesigns
Hairbase: Paved by MADesigns (new release for Body Modification Fair)
Eyes: Lotus Eater by Rue (Horrorfest release)
Eye Makeup: Wild by MADesigns (new release for Body Modification Fair)
Mask: Gehenna Mask by Roawenwood (exclusive for Horrorfest)
Necklace: Battelina necklace black Ultra RareE by The Forge (for their gacha machine at Horrorfest)
Coat: Majestic coat by SyS
Corset: Bloody Dompteuse Corset (underbust male version) by Schadenfreude (Horrorfest exclusive)
Pants: Blaster Foil Leggings by SN@tch
Nipple spiked shields by AIDORU
Poses by Uncertain Smile featuring: Ravens and Spiders from the Sorcerer Set at Horrorfest
Crypt, trees, bushes by CIRCA for Horrorfest

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