The Shadow over Innsmouth

This is Halloween! This is Horrorfest! Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise!

More gruesome goodies from Horrorfest to show you today, like this terrifying Cthulhu head from creative genius of Curio Obscura, sure to make everyone worship you at your next Halloween party or HP Lovecraft book club meeting. Also sure to be a gross-out party fav is this “weird thing” bursting from my chest from SongBird, and I couldn’t love ImmateriA more for having an outfit named after my rock n’ roll idol, Lux Interior (RIP).

Be sure to check out the Depraved Nation’s Body Modification Fair as well this month where you can get these new skully nail appliers from KOSH perfect for any monster style, and the spooky edition of the Fantasy Gacha Fair where I got these wicked bracers.

Photography: Paradox Messmer
Style Card:
Hair: Leroy by KMADD (new release, retextured version of a previously released hair)
Mesh Head: Cthulhuface Male by Curio Obscura (exclusive for Horrorfest)
Bracers: Viking Bracer Silver/Gold RARE by The Forge (at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, October round)
Outfit: Lux Interior (Zombie B-Movie) by ImmateriA (found at Horrorfest)
Boots: Hobnails by Remarkable Oblivion
Nails: Shiny Skull Fingernails (Slink hands appliers) by KOSH (exclusive for the Body Modification fair)
Thing Coming Out of Chest: Weird Thing Chest Wound by SongBird (for Horrorfest)
Pose “Zombie2” from the Squeek! gacha machine at Horrorfest

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