Violator have a new line of loads of couture jewelry that is simply dynamic, bold and innovative. I selected just one for now to show you, the Chained choker and necklace which has a RL counterpart called Pleased to Meet You Choker which you can find at designer Soraya Vaher’s website

Punk rockin’ new hair from KMADD to note, and these rare johnny spike clogs from HANDVerk’s clog machine at the Arcade for this September are one of my most prized wins and you should definitely play that machine while you can, such an utterly cool idea. I love HANDVerk’s vision.

Photography by me (Paradox Messmer)
Style Card:
Hair: LUCAS by KMADD Hair (new releases)
Chained Lashes by Mad’
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Headpiece: Helmet Delirio White by CheerNo
Shirt: Deuil Jackson Jacket by CheerNo
Necklace: Chained by Violator (new release)
Pants: Nomade by SyS
Pant Cuffs: Deuil Jackson cuffs (from Deuil Jackson outfit) by CheerNo
Shoes: Johnny spike clogs RARE by HANDverk (for the September Arcade round)
Gloves: Marcus by MiaMai
Poses by KatinK from their new Mr. Runway pose set (definitely worth picking up!)

2 thoughts on “Chained

  1. Although I'm not male, I happen to enjoy your courageous and inventive stylings, Dox. I hope you pay no attention to the presumptuous and closed-minded words of the previous commenter, who doesn't appear to have any stylings of his own to demonstrate what he thinks is proper men's fashion. This is really cool and fun, and I love it 😀


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