King for a Day

The Boys of Summer is still going strong but last day of it is on Monday, June 29th, so don’t miss your chance to pick up great fair exclusives such as this mesh hoodie and jeans from {W&R} which have great designs on them, the little crowns on the jeans are so unique, never seen anything like them. Fashion fit for a king. And don’t forget the Hair Fair , where I got this stylish hair from [INK]!

Also…holy mother of crapcakes!! There are amaaaazing new mesh boots from Schadenfreude you will freaking lose your head over when you see how many wicked options they come in. Buy the uberpack, it’s so worth it, and there’s endless ways to customize them, the tongue, the sides, the soles and laces, so very boss. I love you Miss Allegory Malaprop.

Photography: Paradox Messmer
Hair: Andy by [INK] (with hairbase and sideburns) (Hair Fair 2013)
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Shirt: Reaper Hoodie by {W&R} (Boys of Summer exclusive)
Jeans: King of the Hell jeans by {W&R} (Boys of Summer exclusive)
Boots: Amargosa by Schadenfreude in ankle version, firebird design (new release!)
Nails: Male Nail Palette by MANDALA

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