Skate or Die

Cowabunga dudes! More Boys of Summer goodies comin’ at ya.

These exclusive jeans from ::JLB:: Apparel have a really sweeeet texture and there’s other textures and colours available too of these baggy jeans, all worth adding to your street-chic wardrobe, my gents.

I paired them up with this slick netted mesh tank from SVART, some hot ink, a jungle style necklace and psychedelic sneakers all that can be found at the Boys of Summer fair and what really makes this look pop out is the latest Hair Fair exclusive mighty hawk from MADesigns called “Lance”, so make sure you hit the Hair Fair right now!

It was just kismet that one of the BoS items happens to be a skateboard with 4 poses in it from Image Essentials, because I felt ready to scorch some wheels in this gear.

Photography: Myself (Paradox Messmer)
Style Card:
Hair: Lance (colors pack) by MADesigns (new! for Hair Fair 2013)
Eye Makeup: Pris by Bombard
Ears: Steking ears ver2 by MANDALA
Eyes: Natural Eyes 8 green by Unique Megastore
Tattoo: Wisdom tattoo by ZENTRO (Boys of Summer fair exclusive)
Tanktop: Black Net Tank Top by SVART (Boys of Summer fair exclusive)
Jeans: Aftermath Jeans by ::JLB:: Apparel (Boys of Summer fair exclusive)
Necklace: Jungle silver necklace by ***Just You Jewels*** (Boys of Summer fair exclusive)
Bracelets: Mesh Rebel bracelets by DECO
Shoes: Nate sneakers (Psych version) by Latreia Footfashions (Boys of Summer fair exclusive) Nails: Male Nail Palette by MANDALA
Skateboard with poses by Image Essentials (Boys of Summer exclusive)

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