When in Sandalphon…Do as Romans Do

The mighty Nigel Riel has a most mystical and highly photogenic new sim called Sandalphon which is populated by strange beings, sculptures of people in all manner of symbolic poses and placements. It’s a place that will enchant you, and keep your mind wondering for a good while what it’s all about, and it’s just a fully engaging artistic experience.

While styling this outfit based around this rockin’ new hooded t-shirt from ::Fe Style::, I turned out looking somewhat Roman, Ceaser-like and one area inside a Roman numeral clock in Sandalphon made a perfect setting for my modern emperor to regally pose. Now feed me some grapes, slave!

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Connor by Exile
Face Tattoo: Circles by White Widow (recent release)
Eyes: Classic gen4 black coral by Poetic Colors
Shirt: Hooded T-Shirt Animal Print (leopard) by ::Fe Style:: (new release!) Pants: Leopard Legacy pants (from Leopard Legacy outfit) by GlamDammit
Bracelets: Selva Oscura by KOSH
Hands: Hands M#3 by CheerNo
Boots: Jumpboots worngravel by DECO

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