Making a Break for It

Now see here, listen up real close this is a stick up! Hand over the dough and don’t call the fuzz or that coffee you’re drinking right now? It’ll be pouring outta the holes in your guts we put in you, y’here?

Er, sorry I got a little carried away there. It’s just that CHG:: have superbly done mesh Bonnie & Clyde outfits for the Runway Perfect Hunt 4 and they’re the spitting image of the ones worn in the 60s movie version of the story of the notorious bank robbing couple. “Clyde” is a sharp pinstripe vintage suit with a fedora and saddle shoes, and you even get a great pair of sideburns and a (not loaded, unfortunately) revolver prop that’ll scare any noob begging for money that comes your way.

Playing the Bonnie to my Clyde is my lovely, and lethal partner ByneDarkly Cazalet (of SL’s “Tart Gallery” fame, and check her flickr-blog here ) who also did these excellently moody photos.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet (Bonnie to my Clyde <3)
Style Card:
On Dox:
Hair: Gosling by Burley
Outfit (jncluding hat, shoes, sideburns and gun): Clyde by ::CHG:: (TRPH4 gift)
Shoes: Clyde mesh saddle shoes by ::CHG:: (part of hunt gift for TRPH4)
On ByrneDarkly:
Hair: Mathilda Flexi Bob by Tuty’s
Outfit (includes shoes, gun, handbag, scarf): Bonnie by ::CHG: (TRPH4 gift)

1 thought on “Making a Break for It

  1. All I can think of with this one is the Jon and Vangelis tune 'The Friends of Mr. Cairo', and with Byrne's more casual gesture in her poses, a specific bit of the voiceover: 'Hey, there's a really terrific dress shop, can we stop this rig while I buy a new gown?' 'I'll buy you the whole factory, sweetheart, don't worry.' *skidding wheels, gunshots* This is a very welcome reminder of a song I'm fond of!


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