I Am a Golden God

The Apollo skin from my wonderful sponsor Egoisme, is burning hot as the sun and definitely fit for a God, with pristine features and a chiseled body, it is remisicent of something you would seen on a sculpture of Apollo.

22769 have a killer new jacket out for the Men’s Department, with a futuristic rock n’ roll feel to it, it reminds me of a jacket that Freddie Mercury wore , and the arrow t-shirt from Gizza which I’ve had a long time is sort of my way of paying tribute to him because he used to wear an outfit with arrows going up and down. Accessorizing with more wonderful creations from Feel, and tying into the futuristic feel the bracelets from MANDALA look almost robotic, they are out of this world!

Hmm…rock n’ roll plus a Godly influence? You know what’s coming now…”I AM A GOLDEN GOD! WOOO!!” *takes a dive*

Photography by me

Skin: Apollo (in XPale) by Evian/Egoisme
Eyes: classic gen4- black coral by Poetic Colors
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Hair: Titoso by Mr C (new release)
Jacket: Dylan leather jacket black/red by 22769 (at the May round of the Men’s Department)
Shirt: WhichDirection by Gizza
Pants: EHC leather laced pants by Egoisme
Earrings: Sword&Snake silver pierce by **Feel** (from sword&snake silver set)
Necklace: Sword&Snake Silver necklace by **Feel** (from sword&snake silver set)
Bracelets: UTAMARO bracelets by MANDALA
Ring: ADAIN ring by KOSH
Boots: GTFO Boots by GOs
Poses 1st pic: Phoenyx 3 by PosESioN, 2nd Pic: Leo 1 by PoSEsioN 3rd Pic: Piscis 7 by PosESioN

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