Fallen Liberty

The Runway Perfect Hunt 4 is on and goes till May 31st, which is a hunt with models in mind. There’s a lot of quality gifts to be grabbed, mostly for people of the female persuasion but there’s a few designers that released one of each, for a guy and a girl.

One of these designers is Dot-Be. Dot-Be is giving out this v-neck shirt and these pants, both mesh, and the pants have a very cool maze-like pattern. As well, [mock} has this eyeliner for guys, and lip gloss for girls but it can totally can be rocked unisexy, and Moondance Boutique has released these nails for guys. Speaking of unisex gifts, these sneakers are a great group gift from SF Design, it’s just $100L to join the unisex clothes group with a new high quality gift every month!

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Dura-Boy*42 by Dura (new release)
Eyeliner: Guyliner 2k by [mock] (TRPH4 gift)
Lipstick: Mariellis Lip Shine Lip 0 (El Salva) (TRPH4 gift) by [mock]
Shirt: V-Neck by Dot-Be (TPRPH4 gift)
Pants: Skinny pants by Dot-Be (TRPH4 gift)
Necklace: Stark Dagger necklace by ISON (was a Fifty Linden Friday item)
Ear Piercings: Donnie by ::envi::
Nails: Square Male Garnet Mirror by Moondance Boutique (TRPH4 gift)
Ring: Gray Glass Eye Ring by *BC322
Braclets: Infinity bracelet by KOSH
Shoes: Alexus sneakers white by SF Design (group gift)
Poses by PosESioN (1st Pic: Tauro 10 pose, 2nd Pic: Acuario 8 pose, 3rd Pic: Virgo 8 pose)

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