I’m totally swamped with having to model in 17 shows for Menswear Fashion Week and also take care of all the DJs and hosts (as well as doing a bit of hosting and Djing myself) so I don’t have much time to blog this week or say much in my posts but here’s the latest outfit from Gizza you can find at Menswear Fashion Week’s shopping area. Gothalicious! And new MWFW exclusive hair from Mr.C too, of many great styles you can find there. Hope to see you at the shows!

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Hurley II by Mr. C (Menswear Fashion Week release)
Shirt: Cotton T-Shirt (Horror) by Gizza
Pants: Baggy Jeans by Gizza
Shoes: SlipOns by Kalnins (you can find them at Redgrave store, Kalnins store is gone)
Watch: Vipera watch by ISON
Bracelet: Stacked bracelet by !WG!
Earrings: Cruxi EarPiercing by Pekka
Necklace: Epiphany necklace inverted by KOSH
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid (my go-to eyeliner)
Poses by HISpose

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